Can I Purchase + Mandatory & Specialized Purchases

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Mandatory and Specialized Purchases

Search the table below for mandatory or specialized purchase ordering instructions and helpful links….

Expenditure Account Codes

…laptops made through the Commonwealth installment purchase program. 75620 Installment Purchase – Computer Hardware Include expenses for installment purchases of computer hardware made through the Commonwealth installment purchase program 75630…

Search for an Existing Contract

…established by the Department of General Services/Division of Purchases and Supply to obtain more favorable prices through volume purchasing and to reduce procurement lead-time and administrative effort. If an item…

Understand the Procurement Methods

Individuals with organizational responsibility may purchase goods and services using several procurement methods: Virginia’s electronic ordering system (eVA). Use eVA to initiate purchases. These purchases may be charged to the…

Manuals and Training Materials

…funds that are reserved for making payments toward certain salaries and purchase orders. EP# – A purchase order issued to a vendor for the procurement of goods or services. The…

Receive a Purchase Order

…to have the vendor entered. Future purchase orders do not require W-9 submission, unless the vendor’s name or Tax ID number has changed. Receipt of a Purchase Order Vendors Accepting…

Make a Purchase Over $5,000

Required Process for Purchases of $5,000 or More Purchases exceeding the $5,000 departmental limitation are processed through the Purchasing Office. The purchaser will enter the order in eVA as a…

Fiscal Services Forms & Instructions

Fiscal Services Forms & Instructions

Instructions Use the Search box below to find Fiscal Forms, instructions and contact information….