Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Account Settings

In an effort to provide for more efficient and cost-effective payment processing for travel and business expense reimbursements, all Mason faculty and staff who have not set their Accounts Payable (AP) deposit account have the option to have it set automatically for them.

The Accounts Payable department in Fiscal Services has established a process to quickly match your personal accounts payable deposit account with your primary payroll direct deposit account.  The Accounts Payable department will be reaching out to employees via email to request permission to set the Accounts Payable deposit banking information via an automated process.  Only employees who respond with an approval will be affected by the process.

Employees are able to set up their own AP deposit account via Banner Self Service. You can choose either automatic or manual setting but please note that your enrollment is important to enhance our AP payment processing.  AP deposit account self-enrollment instructions are posted on the Fiscal Services website at:
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Questions about this process can be directed to the Accounts Payable Department at:

Phone: 703-993-2580