Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc.

Agency Description

Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc. is one of the authorized collection agencies contracted with George Mason University to handle student accounts that have gone into default status. Students assigned to Todd, Bremer & Lawson are advised to contact the agency directly regarding payment plan arrangements, account balances, making payments, etc.

Contact Information

Mason Policy

  1. Per the Virginia Debt Collection Act (§2.2-4800 et seq.), all delinquent accounts with past due balances are assigned to authorized collection agencies each semester as outlined in the University’s catalog: George Mason University Catalog
  2. Failure to meet financial obligations to the university will result in other collection procedures, which include account referral to credit reporting bureaus, private collection agencies, the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Taxation, and the Office of the Attorney General. Past due accounts are subject to garnishments, liens, and judgments and the withholding of money from tax refunds. In addition to late fees and interest, delinquent accounts will be assessed additional collection costs equal to thirty percent of the past due balance, reasonable attorney fees, and other administrative costs.