Reimburse Employees

There are limited circumstances in which a personal payment (cash, credit/debit card) is the appropriate method to conduct university business. Most purchases must be made through eVA and/or with a Mason P-Card. Mason employees and students may occasionally incur non-regular or emergency expenses while conducting official university business. Please follow the guidelines below when requesting an employee or student reimbursement.

Eligible reimbursement expenditures are limited to:
  • Emergency office supplies while traveling on university business
  • Postage, shipping or photocopying
  • Business meals (See Request Food & Beverage Reimbursement)
  • Entry fees
  • Student event supplies
  • Research Subject Payments
  • Professional Membership Dues
  • Publication fees
  • Other expenses when approved, in writing, by Purchasing or Accounts Payable
Purchases not eligible for reimbursements include:
  • Routine office supplies to include printers, toner, paper, etc.
  • Computers, monitors or accessories
  • Computer software
  • Magazines, periodicals or books
  • Any payment to an individual for the performance of services
  • Routine food and beverage with the exception of business meals
  • Grocery store/department store/wholesale club purchases
  • Consulting Services
  • Academic Testing fees
  • Employee Training Course fees
  • Lab Supplies
  • Storage Facility Leases
  • Space Rentals
  • Equipment Rentals

First time vendors who are not employees or students must complete and sign a Substitute W-9 form (Fax copies are acceptable). Attach this form to the reimbursement request.

Request Business Expense Reimbursement - Payment Request Form

  • Complete the Payment Request Form for an eligible reimbursement expenditure and obtain required signatures.
  • Attach original receipt(s) showing a zero balance and proof of payment.
  • Submit the completed form to Accounts Payable, MSN 3C1

Review Purchasing Made Easy Manual for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Payment Request form. Additionally, a reimbursement guide is available for Using the Payment Request Form.

Request Food & Beverage Reimbursement

Commonwealth of Virginia rules generally prohibits the use of state funds to purchase food and beverages for employees. Mason has a public obligation to ensure that all expenditures are essential and reasonable and in support of the university mission. As such, state rules prohibit the use of state funds for employee personal expenses, including meals, snacks, and refreshments.

Please visit the Food and Beverage Overview to ensure the expense is reimbursable prior to purchase. All expenditures must be authorized prior to the event.

  • Complete the Food and Beverage Authorization and Payment Form for “Request for Reimbursement to Payee” and obtain required approvals.
  • After the event, submit the Food and Beverage form, list of attendees and original itemized receipt(s) to Accounts Payable at MSN 3C1.

Request Petty Cash Reimbursement

When the petty cash custodian determines that cash on hand is low, the fund may be replenished.

The custodian must:

  1. Complete the Petty Cash Reimbursement Request form, sign, and date.
  2. Send the form to his/her supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) to approve the reimbursement request.
  3. Attach all receipts/or log of payments to the request.
  4. Submit the form to the Petty Cash Officer, Accounts Payable, MSN 3C1.
  5. Allow five business days for the reimbursement request to be processed.

Accounts Payable will:

  • charge the replenishment check to the grant/fund as processed.

If a petty cash account has no activity for 90 days or more, the petty cash account should be reconciled, verified and closed.

Request Travel Expense Reimbursement

All travel-related expenses should be submitted as reimbursement through the Travel Request System and not through the Payment Request Form. The P-Card is the preferred payment method for conference registrations. Travelers may have their conference registration expenses reimbursed through the TRS or a pre-payment may be sent directly to the vendor by completing the Payment Request Form.

Refer to the Travel Manual for all travel-related reimbursements.

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