Request Food & Beverage Reimbursement

Purchasing food and beverages for university functions is a specialized type of purchasing. University Policy Number 2102, “Food and Beverages Expenditures”, contains the university’s rules regarding food and beverages expenditures.

There are limited circumstances in which a personal payment (cash, credit/debit card) is the appropriate method to conduct university business. Most food and beverage purchases must be made through eVA.
Eligible reimbursements are limited to:

  • Business meals (reimbursed on F&B form)
  • Student event supplies (including food/beverage)
  • Other expenses when pre-approved, in writing, by Purchasing or Accounts Payable

Reimbursements may be requested by completing the Payment Request form or the Food and Beverage form. The appropriate form and itemized receipt must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 30 days of the purchase date.

Policy 2102 outlines six functions at which it is considered appropriate to pay for food and beverages using state funds. These include:.

  1. Business functions.
  2. Student Academic functions.
  3. Student Club functions.
  4. Student Athlete functions.
  5. Internal Training functions.
  6. Other Internal functions.

The policy also requires advance approval by a Senior Approving Official, and certain limitations are imposed on dollar amounts and types of items.

Food and Beverages Authorization forms are required for most of these purchases. The forms are available online on the Forms and Instructions page. Additional guidance on processing a reimbursement for food and beverage may be found on the Food and Beverage Overview.

The food & beverages reimbursement request requires additional approval from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) if the reimbursement will be charged to sponsored project funding. Accounts Payable will send the request to OSP for their approval.