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Emergency Intermittent Telework Expenses

Emergency Intermittent Telework activities should be conducted in an electronic format. When not practical, units may purchase supplies that are essential to ensure business continuity. All purchases remain the property of the university and must be returned to campus once the teleworking period has concluded.

Supplies should be purchased from their current sources following existing procedures, except for office supplies. Until further notice, units may order most essential office supplies through their Amazon Business Account without sending in a waiver request (these items are typically ordered through The Supply Room). These and most other purchases can be made by your Mason P-Card and shipped to an alternate location when approved by your supervisor. In circumstances where orders cannot be placed on a P-Card, and an alternative address is necessary, units can request to have an address changed in eVA by sending a request to Please do not purchase items with personal funds and seek reimbursement. We are relying on the sound judgment of transaction initiators and approvers as stewards of Commonwealth funds in identifying the incremental costs of this unprecedented event.

Items that may be purchased for emergency intermittent teleworking:

  • Limited quantities of consumable items- pens, pencils, toner, paper
  • Computer hardware that is essential to provide business continuity and will be able to be used in your department once operations return to normal. Please order through Dell, Patriot Tech (Barnes and Noble) or CDW
  • Microphones, webcams or headphones

Items that should not be purchased for emergency intermittent teleworking:

  • Furniture, like chairs or desks
  • Personal items- cushions, tissues, lamps, privacy screens, sound machines
  • Items that will not be able to be utilized by your department once operations return to normal
  • Phones
  • Purchase costs or maintenance expenses associated with employee-owned items or related services
  • Upgrades to existing home infrastructure- new routers, antennas, internet enhancements
  • Printers or scanners (unless department head has determined there are extenuating circumstances)

Please review the COVID-19 Financial Impact Guidance for additional information on financial transactions.