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FZ-N1 Handheld Scanner Guide

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TraQ Training

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Due to recent developments surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Fixed Assets has suspended all departmental inventory scanning until further notice. Those who have submitted tagging requests will receive the tags via interoffice mail once University buildings reopen. If you have any urgent inquiries, please email Fixed Assets at Thank you.

Learn ResponsibilitiesLearn about Equipment
TraQ SystemUtilize the TraQ Database
Acquire New EquipmentAcquire New Equipment
Transfer, Assign & Loan Equipment Transfer, Assign & Loan
Dispose an EquipmentDispose of Equipment
Report Lost or Stolen EquipmentReport Lost or Stolen
Learn about Equipment Inventory ProcessLearn about Equipment
Inventory Process
Learn about Equipment Trust Funds (ETF)Learn about Equipment
Trust Funds (ETF)
Learn about Furniture ProceduresLearn about Furniture
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