Departments & Offices Responsibilities

Departmental and office personnel are responsible for ensuring that:

  • Equipment is adequately insured, safeguarded and controlled.
  • All changes and discrepancies are promptly reported to:
    • The Financial Reporting Office.
    • The Office of Risk Management.
    • The police as necessary.

Equipment Liaison Staff

Chairs and Directors are responsible for designating a member of their classified staff or faculty to serve as an equipment liaison to facilitate communication and accountability between the department, the Financial Reporting Office, the Office of Risk Management and the Police.

Responsibilities of Equipment Liaison

    • Report changes in status or location to the Financial Reporting Office.
    • Maintain documentation regarding the life cycle of equipment.
    • Facilitate the inventory process.
    • Contact the police when theft or vandalism has occurred or is suspected.
    • Report damaged/lost equipment to the Office of Risk Management and cooperate in filing insurance claims promptly.

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