Learn about Furniture Procedures

Selling or Donating Furniture

Furniture and other equipment valued below the capitalization threshold of $5,000 is not barcoded or entered into the equipment database, and therefore is not subject to inventory procedures. Nevertheless, these items are State property and cannot be sold or donated without prior approval from the State. Departments that wish to transfer any such property to non-university entities must contact the Financial Reporting Office.

Disposing of Unwanted Furniture and other Equipment

Contact Surplus Property at 703-993-5589 to report unwanted furniture or equipment. Items will be picked up and those in good condition will be redistributed to other departments/offices.

Acquiring Used Furniture and Equipment

Reusable equipment and furniture is stored at the warehouse and available to be redistributed to any Mason department. Department personnel may view and acquire surplus equipment and furniture from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Note: Students are not authorized to obtain equipment and furniture and must be accompanied by department personnel to acquire surplus items.

  1. Complete the Interdepartmental Equipment Transfer Form for surplus equipment that possesses barcodes.
  2. If a barcoded item is taken out of surplus, then it will be added to the department inventory.
  3. Surplus personnel will deliver the requested items, typically within five working days unless a specific delivery date is requested.
  4. Surplus items may be put on reserve for a total of five consecutive days, after which they will be made available to other departments.

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