Transfer, Assign & Loan Equipment

Transfer Equipment

Equipment may be transferred between departments or offices of the university.

Required Process:

  1. Both departments must:
  2. The department releasing the equipment has the responsibility to ensure the form is properly completed and forwarded to the General Accounting Office.

* Visit Equipment Use Codes for more information on completing the form.

Donate Mason Equipment

Equipment may not be transferred directly by the department or office to any entity or person not directly affiliated with the university.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Students
  • Other State Agencies
  • High schools
  • Charities
  • Faculty- even when the equipment was purchased with grant or contract funds.

Only the Surplus Property Officer, with the permission of the State, has the authority to donate equipment to others.

Assign or Loan Equipment

Portable equipment, such as laptop computers, that have been assigned to a faculty or staff member for more than three months must be reported to the Fixed Assets Office.

Desktop PCs and other large items may be lent to faculty and staff for use at their homes or at alternate locations. This equipment is to be used for Mason business purposes only.

Assign/Loan Equipment to Mason Employees

It is not necessary to notify Fixed Assets when equipment is on loan for less than three months. Nevertheless, Equipment Liaisons should keep a log of all equipment on loan, including names of assignee’s and the expected return date, in order to maintain accountability at all times.

  • For equipment on loan more than three months the Department must complete the Equipment Assignment/Loan Form.
  • Obtain the necessary signatures for all equipment on loan or assignment.
  • Retain the original form and send a photocopy to the Fixed Assets Office (
  • Verify that the inventory report properly identifies the assignee when the next inventory report is received.
  • Notify Fixed Assets when the item is returned to the department’s custody.

* Visit Equipment Use Codes for more information on completing the form.

Equipment Assignment/Loan to Individuals and Organizations Not Part of the University Community

This type of assignment/loan is NOT permitted, unless the responsible department head approves the loan by initiating a George Mason University Property on Loan form and the use meets one of the following criteria:

  • In connection with an approved University sponsored activity, event or service.
  • Part of a contractual agreement between the University and a government agency, a private business or another educational institution; and the agreement has been reviewed for consistency by University Counsel.
  • By official visitors to the University and is appropriate to the purpose of the visit.
  • In connection with a public service activity and the equipment does not exist elsewhere or is not reasonably otherwise available to the user.
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