Utilize the TraQ Database

The university uses the TraQ automated inventory database to maintain its inventory records. The TraQ database is available for use by any department liaison.

Benefits of Using the TraQ System

  • The software allows users to monitor and control equipment inventory.
  • Provides the flexibility to make inquiries and produce customized reports at any time.
  • Liaisons may also directly update the inventory database for changes in the building or room numbers of equipment assigned to their unit by going to http://gmu.quetelcloud.com.

Requesting Access to the TraQ System

  1. Managers should complete the TraQ Web-site Access Request Form.
  2. E-mail the form to assets@gmu.edu.
  3. The form must include the following information:
    • Liaison’s name
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Email address

Look Up Department’s Inventory in the TraQExpress

  1. Follow the instructions from the TraQ Express Web Help Manual for logging in, running queries, and gathering information for assets.
  2. Submit the following query for running your orgs specific inventory.
Field Name Operator Value
Asset Cat Code Equals 4
Item Status Equals Active
Owner Code Equals [your org code]
For Questions: