eVA Pizza Orders

Five pizza delivery businesses, four in Fairfax and one in Manassas, are eVA registered vendors who will accept an eVA purchase order (EP) in exchange for pizza.

These vendors also offer discounted Mason pricing.

Papa John’s requires that orders be placed at least 24 hours in advance and that the eVA order (EP) be faxed/emailed before pizza order goes out for delivery.

Vendors Contact Information: (As of April 25, 2016)

Prince William Campus

  • Paisano’s Manassas
    • Vendor # VS0000194677
      8683 Sudley Rd
      Manasses, VA
      Phone: 703-257-1600

    Fairfax Campus

  • Domino’s Pizza
    • Beltway Pizza, Inc.
      Vendor # E73414
      10647A Braddock Road
      Fairfax, VA
      Phone: 703-352-0990
  • Papa John’s Pizza
    • gmgpapajohns@gmail.com
      Vendor # E88521
      9929 Main Street
      Fairfax, VA
      Phone: 703-352-0700
      Fax: 703-352-3133
  • Vocelli’s Pizza
    • Ek Omkar Inc.
      Vendor # VS0000076319
      11725 Lee Hwy
      Fairfax, VA
      Phone: 571-321-0858

    Ordering Procedures

    1. Complete Food and Beverages Authorization and Payment (F&B) form (when required) and obtain necessary signatures.
    2. Approved F&B form and list of attendees may be scanned and attached to eVA order.
    3. Telephone the pizza business with order specifics (i.e., number of pizzas, delivery time, etc.).
    4. Request Mason discount, and ask for total order price.
    5. The call may be completed well in advance of the desired delivery day/time and must be completed at least 24 hours in advance for Papa John’s orders.
    6. Log into eVA (eva.virginia.gov).
    7. Prepare a non-catalog order.
    8. Uncheck use P-card box if checked.
    9. In full description box, enter pizza order for ________ (event).
    10. Use drop down next to commodity code to select other, enter 37500 and select.
    11. Use the drop down next to supplier to select other.
    12. Enter pizza in search. Select Beltway Pizza for Domino’s or Papa John’s (first listing) or Vocelli Pizza #151.
    13. Enter (1) in Quantity and total cost of order (including tax and tip) in Price box.
    14. On Accounting Details page, enter account code 73640 and appropriate fund/org.
    15. Once approved, print a copy of completed order with EP number.
    16. Fax/email to Papa John’s using contact information above. Papa John’s will not deliver pizza until faxed eVA
      order is received.
    17. Provide a copy of the eVA order (EP) to the pizza delivery person.
    18. Within 24 hours of delivery, log into eVA to ‘receive’ the order. Locate the order from the Approved folder and select the PR#. Select Receive, select Accept All and select Submit.
    19. If not previously attached to eVA order, send Food and Beverages Authorization and Payment (F&B) form with EP# noted and list of attendees to Accounts Payable, MSN 3C1, acctpay@gmu.edu.

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