Finance Administrative Systems Team (FAST)

FAST Responsibilities

FAST applies a combination of functional and technical resources to analyze day-to-day functional needs and generate technology solutions.

Fiscal Technicians manage Banner, eVA, TouchNet, and other systems’ security. See information about how to request access to finance and accounts receivable systems in the “Quick Links” section. If you have questions about any of the finance systems or how to obtain access, please email

Applications Analysts create and maintain technical solutions for Fiscal Services, such as automating processes and developing controls and reports to ensure financial operations of the University are more accurate and efficient. If you have questions about any existing technical solutions, please email

Helpful Hints

Banner Self-Service Budget Queries
  • Be sure to put a 1 in the COA field (this is necessary to return any data): located on the page where fund and org can be entered.

    If looking for revenue, be sure to check the “Include Revenue Accounts” box: located on the page where fund and org can be entered.

  • Searching by Grant vs. Fund
  • When using the grant field, there is no need to enter an organization.

  • When using the fund field, you must also enter the corresponding organization code. If you are unsure of the corresponding organization, check the Fund/Org Lookup.

  • ePrint
    If you can’t see recent charges/deposits, it could be that they have not been entered yet. Please wait a few days for them to show. General Accounting enters these manually.
    If an organization or fund code is not listed in eVA:

    New organization and fund codes are added to eVA Mondays and Wednesdays after it is created in Banner. If it has been longer than that since your organization or fund code was created, or if you have an ordering emergency that cannot wait, contact FAST.

    FOAPAL error while ordering:

    User does not have purchase authority in Banner to the org/fund used. eVA Support at Mason will send these errors to FAST. Please wait for FAST to contact you with how to proceed.

    User ID not valid error while ordering:

    eVA Support will send this error to FAST. Please wait for FAST to contact you with how to proceed.

    eVA accounts will be deactivated after 180 days of non-use:

    FAST will notify you that your account has not been used in 180 days, and thus your password has expired. You must login to eVA to keep the account open. If you do not after two notices, your account will be deactivated. A new eVA form will need to be submitted in order to reactivate the account.

    Transferring Departments?
    If you are transferring within the same department and/or college, your finance liaison can simply send an email with any security changes necessary.

    If you are transferring colleges, new paperwork is necessary to retain access to any finance systems. If you will have a new finance liaison in your new position, you will need to fill out new paperwork and send it to FAST.

    No-Pay Job Status: Affiliates, Contractor, etc.
    All users must have a current and active position at Mason to obtain access to any Finance system. Users that are affiliates, contractors, or their position has not started yet must submit additional paperwork and approvals to obtain access. Please email for this process.
    For Questions: