What is eVA?

eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s e-procurement system for goods and services purchased by state agencies and institutions. Most non P-Card eVA orders integrate with Banner Finance and funds are immediately encumbered for those transactions. eVA orders are approved and received electronically.

For information about purchasing rules, regulations, and procedures, please visit the Purchasing Office website

Request an eVA Account
Required Process:
  1. Fill out the eVA Login Request Form
  2. You must fill out both pages:
    • All bolded sections on the first page.
    • Obtain all signature on the second page.
  3. You must include the funds and/or orgs you need purchasing authority to.
  4. Obtain (or route the form through) your Finance Banner liaison prior to sending to FAST by visiting Departmental Banner Liaisons for Finance.
    • Please note that the Departmental Liaisons Webpage lists both Finance and Student Banner Liaisons. Student Liaisons may NOT sign off on Finance access. You must identify the Finance Liaison for your department and ensure that they sign. FAST cannot process forms with an invalid Liaison signature.
  5. Send the form to FAST
    • Email: fast@gmu.edu (preferred method if possible)
    • MSN 4B2
    • Fax: 703-993-2920
FAST Process:
  1. Users will receive a notification email from FAST with links to the system and login information within 2 business days of our receipt of the form:
    • If you do not receive a notification for few days, email FAST to check on the status of the form. It could be possible that we never received it.
  2. eVA accounts will be deactivated after 180 days of non-use
    • FAST will notify you that your account has not been used in 180 days, and thus your password has expired. You must login to eVA to keep the account open. If you do not after two notices, your account will be deactivated. A new eVA form will need to be submitted in order to reactivate the account.
eVA Addresses

FAST maintains all eVA addresses. To make a change to your default shipping address in eVA, please contact fast@gmu.edu with your current address and the new one. If possible, please include anyone else who needs that address changed (in the event of an entire unit relocating).

Please do not ask individual vendors to update addresses.

Additional Information

eVA login page – Log in with your Agency account and use your Mason credentials.

eVA Customer Support at Mason
Email: evaadmin@gmu.edu
Phone: 703-993-2580

eVA Customer Care in Richmond at eVA
Email: eVACustomerCare@dgs.virginia.gov
Phone: (866) 289-7367