Click on WorkFlow on the right menu under Other Applications: Login to Banner Workflow

Workflow is a tool that is used to automate business processes and electronically route the right information to the right people at the right time. Workflow users are notified of pending work, which helps information move through the review/approval process more quickly. When accessing the system from a non-network computer or laptop, users must first initiate and sign in to VPN access. For more information on VPN access please visit IT Services.

Some new faculty and staff members are automatically granted an Oracle account which includes access to Banner Workflow. Wage employees are not automatically granted access. Any employee who does not automatically have access to workflow should contact FAST and include why you need access to workflow (I.E. travel, surplus).

All users must have a current and active position at Mason to obtain access to any Finance system. Users that are affiliates, contractors, or their position has not started yet must submit additional paperwork and approvals to obtain access. Some needs for workflow, like travel, may be able to be circumvented depending on the circumstances. Please email for assistance.

Equipment Surplus Workflow

The Equipment Surplus Workflow is an automated process that has been developed to efficiently monitor and complete the equipment surplus business process.

The Equipment Surplus Workflow provides an online surplus form for users to fill out and once submitted, Workflow automatically forwards the completed surplus form to all performers.

Initiate an Equipment Surplus Workflow

  1. Download Equipment Surplus Excel Form. Enter your equipment data and save the file.
  2. Log in to Banner Workflow.
  3. Initiate a workflow instance (User Profile-> My Process-> FIN_Equipment Surplus Processing).
  4. Fill out Equipment Surplus workflow form, attach the saved excel file, and complete the form.

For quick reference, review the Equipment Surplus – Initiator Quick Reference. For detailed steps, review the Equipment Surplus – Initiator User Guide.


Contact for all workflow issues other than access issues. For access issue, take a look at Workflow Account section at the top.

Financial Aid Award Workflow

Individuals who do not currently have access to the Financial Aid Award Workflow should contact their Departmental Banner Liaisons for access approval. The Departmental Banner Liaison will send an email to the Finance Administrative Systems Team (FAST) to request user access. FAST will notify the user and liaison once the request has been completed.

Initiate a Workflow Transaction

  1. Go to Login with your Mason Net ID and Password.
  2. To start a workflow transactions, click the “My Processes” link from the left-side menu. Select FIN_Financial Aid Award.
  3. Enter a Workflow Specifics Name in the following format: Award Type (GCW, SCH, TGA), Student Last Name, and Term (e.g. “SCH-Smith-201770”).
  4. In the Required Parameters field, enter the Student G-Number and Student First and Last Name.
  5. Select “Yes” or “No” for the question Tuition Only? An award letter (or other documentation) may be attached on this page or on the following page. Award Documentation is required for International Students when “Tuition Only” = No.
  6. Click “Start Workflow” and then “OK.” Click on Worklist from the left-side menu. You should see the workflow instance. Click the browser “Refresh” button periodically until the workflow instance appears.
  7. Once the transaction appears in the Worklist, click the link (e.g. “SCH-Smith-201770”) to open the transaction and enter data.
  8. After selecting Academic Term (e.g. Fall 2018), enter “Y” or “N” to the questions that follows to auto create a Workflow instance based on data entered for the next term (e.g. Spring 2019). The auto create option is only available for “Tuition Only”=”Y” and Fall term selection.
    • If “Y” is selected, a new Workflow instance is created for the Spring term. Users must take action on this new instance and have the ability to change the fund/org and/or amount if desired. The Spring Workflow instance must be completed in order to post to the student account.
  9. Enter additional details including Funding Source(s), Transaction Amount, Requires Approval, and Requires PI Approval. An award letter may be attached here.
  10. Select “Complete” to send the transaction to the Approver(s). You should receive a confirmation email indicating the type of award transaction and other student information. If there was an error, you should receive an email explaining the error and appropriate correction.
  11. You should receive an email once all approvals have been received and Financial Aid has entered the award in Banner.

If you have any questions, problems, or comments please email Larry Atienza or call (703) 993-2347.

Request a New Organization

If you have any questions, problems, or comments please email Carol McGinnis or call (703) 993-2588.

Change an Organization Title

  1. Log in to Banner Workflow.
  2. Create and start a workflow instance.
  3. Complete Initiator’s New Org Request Form.
  4. Choose an action.
  5. Review the Change Org Title Initiator Quick Guide for detailed instructions on how to change org title in Workflow.

If you have any questions, problems, or comments please email Carol McGinnis or call (703) 993-2588.

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