Financial Transactions for Faculty

Dear Faculty Member,

Welcome to Mason. As a state-funded institution, George Mason University is subject to Virginia financial regulations. Faculty members are often impacted by Virginia travel and purchasing requirements and George Mason policies. The summary information and links below are provided to assist you with navigating the processes. More detailed information is available throughout the Fiscal Services web site.

Faculty Purchase Card (P-Card)

A P-Card provides an appropriate purchasing method under Commonwealth guidelines for faculty and staff. In order to minimize manual paperwork and lengthy training for faculty who have administrative and departmental support, an additional option is now available. With department approval and completion of the Faculty P-Card application, the designated faculty cardholder will be enrolled in a 30-minute online training. Faculty members interested in this option should contact their unit’s financial management.

Faculty P-Card Overview

Faculty Member (Cardholder) Responsibilities

    • Responsible for all purchases made with the P-Card
    • May only use for appropriate business purchases
    • Must follow purchasing guidelines
    • Must submit a receipt and comment detailing the business purpose to the administrator within 2 days of the purchase

Administrator (Reconciler) Responsibilities

      • Receive the receipt and/or backup documentation from the faculty member
      • Upload the documents to the Bank of America Works transaction, allocate the transaction, add comments provided by the faculty member
      • Must sign off on the transaction by the monthly deadline (A departmental approver will then sign off on the transaction in Bank of America Works to finalize the approval process by the monthly deadline)

Traveling for Business or Attending a Conference

In most cases, the trip will require approval in advance on a Travel Authorization that is generated by Mason’s online Travel Request System (TRS). A TRS Quick Guide is available to help you get started with the TRS.

Regulations relating to transportation, lodging rates, and other travel topics are detailed in the Travel Policies and Procedures Manual and on the Travel Office web site.

Your department’s p-card (credit card), if available, may be used to pay for conference registration fees and air/train tickets. Visit the P-Card page for more information on using the P-Card. Please e-mail the Travel Office at with process or reimbursement questions.

How to Hire a Consultant

General guidelines are available at Purchasing Consulting Services. Before beginning the process, please call the Purchasing Office at 3-2580.

How to Purchase Supplies

Office supplies, lab supplies, and most goods and services must be purchased in Virginia’s e-procurement system, eVA. The Supply Room Companies is Mason’s mandatory vendor for office supplies. Please contact your department administrative staff or the Purchasing Office at 3-2580 for more details.

You may purchase from Mason’s on-campus vendors with the P-Card or with a purchase order from Patriot Tech. Please consult your unit’s financial manager for assistance with generating a purchase order to Patriot Tech or review the Computer Purchase Guide for other available vendors. Quotes for computers and equipment may be requested by email to

Manage a Research Project or other Fund

The financial transactions of each organization or fund that you manage must be reconciled at least every two months to ensure that all transactions have been properly recorded. Reconciliation Procedures and other materials are available under the Reconciliation page. Please call 3-2089 or 3-2620 with any questions.

Please visit the Training section for information on in-person assistance with any fiscal process.

Fiscal Services Staff