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Form NameForm Type Form Revised DateDepartment Purpose of the Form Instructions Contact
Phone Ext.
Independent Contractor EvaluationJun 2017Accounts PayableComplete this form whenever a service is to be performed by an individual. The questions are intended to assist departments to determine if an employee relationship is established.Consulting Services Quick GuidePurchasing
Human Resources
Payment Request April 2020Accounts PayableTo request payments for conference registrations, business expense reimbursements (excluding travel) and US department of Homeland Security or US postal service.Payment Request InstructionsAccounts Payable Supervisor2670
Petty Cash Receipt of FundsApril 2020Accounts PayablePetty Cash custodians sign this form to accept responsibilities for petty cash funds. Request Petty CashYali Guo2645
Stop Payment AuthorizationApril 2020Accounts PayableTo stop a payment and/or reissue a check.Pay Invoices - Cancel or Reissue a CheckTuyen Nguyen 2581
Sales and Use Tax Certificate of ExemptionMay 2016Accounts PayableVirginia Sales and Use Tax Certification of Exemption. Cliff Shore 2611
Externally Funded Fellowship Payment May 2019Accounts Payable To pay externally funded fellowships to Mason graduate students.Externally Funded Fellowship Payment Instructions Office of Sponsored Programs8773
Participant Support Allowance Payment Request April 2020Accounts PayableTo request support allowance payments to a non-employee participant. The expense must be charged against a sponsored project.Pay Participant Support Accounts Payable Supervisor2670
Petty Cash Log
April 2020Accounts PayableTo record petty cash disbursements related to research subject payments.Petty Cash Funds for Research Subject IncentivesYali Guo2645
Petty Cash Reimbursement Request April 2020Accounts PayableTo replenish petty cash expenditure funds. Replenish Petty Cash FundYali Guo2645
Petty Cash RequestApril 2020Accounts PayableTo establish, change or close petty cash fund. Request Petty CashYali Guo2645
Wire Transfer Request
Nov 2019Accounts PayableTo request a payment to foreign individuals or organizations that do not take paper check or credit card.Wire Transfer Instructions

About International Wire Transfer
Tuyen Nguyen 2581
Revenue RefundApril 2020Accounts PayableTo return money previously collected from individuals and organizations.Request Revenue RefundAccounts Payable Supervisor2670
Honorarium Payment Request
April 2020Accounts PayableTo request a token payment to a non-Mason employee who does not involve a contract and invoicing is not required.Honorarium Payment InstructionsAccounts Payable Supervisor2670
Request for Travel AdvanceOct 2018Accounts PayableTo request a travel advanceTravel Advance Request InstructionsTravel Office2580
Scholarship/Fellowship Form for Period of Non-EnrollmentApril 2020Accounts PayableScholarship/fellowship given to students in a term of non-enrollment (i.e. summer), for the pursuit of their studies and research. These
awards are not considered compensation, and no work requirement may be attached to the offer of a scholarship/fellowship. Examples
are: Summer Dissertation Competition Scholarships, Summer Graduate Travel Fund, Summer Undergraduate Student Research Scholarship
(OSCAR), etc.
Pay StudentsAccounts Payable Supervisor2670
Travel Meal Allowance FormOct 2018Accounts PayableTo record all meals paid on behalf of student participants or meal money given to student participants while on group travel. A Travel Meal Allowance form is required, that captures all meal expenses for each meal on each day of
travel, regardless of whether the monies are given to each traveler or are spent on their behalf. In all cases, the
roster must include each recipients’ name, date and meal type, amount of cash given or total amount paid on
behalf of the recipient, and recipient signature.
Travel Office2580
Gift Cards for Research Subject Payments GuideGift Cards for Research Subjects - combined ZIP downloadApril 2020Accounts PayableProcedures and forms for purchasing gift cards for research subject payments. with a Mason P-Card. Gift cards may only be purchased for research subject payments in accordance to the IRB guidelines. Gift Cards for Research Subject Payments Guideacctpay@gmu.edu2580
Food & Beverage Authorization and PaymentFeb 2019Accounts PayableThe form is designed to serve as a multi-purpose document: (1) a pre-event authorization
form and supplement to the eVA
Order for invoiced events, (2) as a pre-event authorization and request for P-Card Waiver, and (3) a request
form for post-event food & beverage reimbursements.
Food and Beverage Form Instructions

Food & Beverage Manual
Reimbursement FormsAccounts PayableThere are several types of reimbursement request forms. Please review all available forms in this forms table or contact the Accounts Payable office for assistance in determining the best type of reimbursement form for your request.

(Note: other types of reimbursement forms are listed throughout this forms table)
Payment Request Form

Petty Cash Reimbursement Request

Food & Beverage Authorization and Payment Form
Accounts Payable2670
Scholarship or Fellowship Payment RequestDec 2017Accounts PayableBeginning Spring 2018 please use the Financial Aid Workflow. for Mason student Awards. Workflow instructions are available on the Workflow webpage
Pay StudentsAccounts Payable Supervisor2670
W-9 Form Substitute,
Request for Taxpayer ID Number
July 2014Accounts Payable & Purchasing This form is used to request a domestic vendor’s tax identification information that needs to be established or updated in Banner.Completed forms may be emailed to, faxed to 703-993-2589 or mailed to Purchasing & Accounts Payable, MSN 3C1
Instructions for the
W-9 Form Substitute
Cashier’s Office Forms Cashier’s Office
Outgoing Sponsorship JustificationJan 2019ControllerFor departments to justify the business need for Mason to provide a sponsorship. Complete the online form. Sponsorship Guidefscomm@gmu.edu2089
Returned Equipment Form
Jan 2017EquipmentThis form is used for equipment trade-in and warranty replacements.assets@gmu.edu4456
Equipment Assignment/LoanNov 2016Equipment InventoryTo authorize the temporary assignment/loan of equipment to faculty or staff. This is particularly important for equipment that is kept at home or frequently removed from the office.Assign/Loan Equipment Instructionsassets@gmu.edu4456
Authority to Cannibalize Equipment RequestNov 2014Equipment InventoryTo request authority from Fixed Assets to remove parts from one specified item of equipment for use in another specified item of equipment.Cannibalization Instructionsassets@gmu.edu4456
Equipment Loss Nov 2014Equipment InventoryTo report a theft, suspected theft, casualty loss, damage, or other loss of equipment to the Risk Management and Fixed Assets offices.Report Lost or Stolen Equipment Instructionsassets@gmu.edu4456
Property Insurance Loss/Damage Claim ChecklistFeb 2013Equipment InventoryTo report lost or stolen equipment. Report Lost or Stolen Equipment Instructions assets@gmu.edu4456
TraQExpress - Web Client Access RequestNov 2014Equipment InventoryTo request access to the University’s online equipment database (TraQ Express). Access the TraQ Databaseassets@gmu.edu4456
Interdepartmental Equipment Transfer Nov 2014Equipment InventoryTo document the transfer of equipment from one department to another and ensure proper recording of the ownership transfer by Fixed Assets.Transfer Equipment Instructionsassets@gmu.edu4456
New Equipment Location Feb 2018Equipment InventoryTo communicate the proper location and ownership of equipment with Fixed Assets.Acquire New Equipment Instructionsassets@gmu.edu4456
Equipment Surplus (Workflow Submission ONLY)
Feb 2014Equipment InventoryTo initiate the removal process for unwanted equipment. All university equipment should be disposed through the Central Receiving/Surplus department.

Do not submit Excel form for paper submission. The Excel form should ONLY be used for Workflow submission.
Dispose of Equipment Instructionsassets@gmu.edu2579
Request for Tagging New EquipmentFeb 2018Equipment InventoryTo request that Fixed Assets affix a bar code tag to equipment that has not already been assigned a bar code tag. Please provide as much information as possible, particularly the purchasing information, as this prevents future issues such as double-tagging the asset.Acquire New Equipmentassets@gmu.edu4456
Banner Modification May 2006FASTTo obtain additional access for those who already have Banner access (this form must be sent by the Banner finance liaison to show their approval). Banner Self-Service Instructionsfast@gmu.edu2574
eVA Login RequestSept 2019FASTTo obtain an account for the eVA system (e-Procurement for VA). eVA Acceptable Use Acknowledgement
Principal Investigators (PI) Finance Access Request FormJan 2017FASTTo be used by Principal Investigators (PIs) only to request access to Mason financial systems, Banner Finance, e-print and PI Reports in Discoverer that will be used to view financial information related to sponsored projects. fast@gmu.edu2574
Banner Access RequestMay 2017FASTTo obtain access to the following Banner finance systems: Banner Self-Service, ePrint, MicroStrategy, and/or Banner INB. Banner Access Request Instructionsfast@gmu.edu2574
Inactivate Org ValidationGeneral AccountingTo be completed prior to submitting an Organization/Fund Change Request Form requesting inactivation.
Credit Card Sales ReportMay 2006General Accounting
Credit Card Sales Report - ContinuationMay 2006General Accounting
Organization/Fund Change RequestMay 2020General AccountingFund/Organization change request form should be sent by email to
Journal Voucher (JV) Multiple EntryMarch 2018General AccountingUse this form for direct expenditure (non-payroll) transactions between “State” funds or orgs or between “Local”funds or orgs.Electronic JV Guide
Journal Voucher (JV) Expenditure Recovery March 2018General AccountingUse this form for internal "sales" between "State" funds/orgs or between "Local" funds/orgs.Electronic JV Guide
Journal Voucher (JV) Multiple Entry - Federally SponsoredMarch 2018General AccountingUse this form for direct expenditure (non-payroll) transactions between "State" funds or orgs.Electronic JV Guide
Journal Voucher (JV) Single Entry March 2018General AccountingUse this form to transfer non-payroll charges between “State” funds or orgs or between “Local” funds or orgs. Electronic JV Guide
Journal Voucher (JV) Single Entry - Federally SponsoredJan 2011General AccountingUse this form to transfer direct expenditure (non-payroll) charges. Electronic JV Guide
Certification of EligibilityJul 2015International Tax Business and Tourist Visitors (B1, B2, Visa Waiver Statuses) should meet the requirements of the certification in order to receive travel expense reimbursement or honorarium payment.Certificate of Eligibility Instructions Elena Cirmizi5223
Foreign National InformationJul 2015International Tax To collect basic immigration and personal information required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
It should be completed by foreign nationals receiving any form of payment from Mason.
Foreign National Information InstructionsElena Cirmizi5223
Statement for Independent Educational Activities Performed Outside the U.S.July 2015International TaxA student should meet the requirements of the Statement in order for his/her scholarship to be exempt from withholding tax and reporting.Scholarships & Fellowships Elena Cirmizi5223
Statement for Independent Personal Services Performed Outside the U.S.July 2015International TaxA payee should meet the requirements of the Statement in order for his/her payment to be exempt from withholding tax and reporting.Hire a Foreign NationalElena Cirmizi5223
Student/Non-employee Business Expense CertificationSept 2017International TaxSample template for Student/Non-employee Business Expense CertificationInternational Tax OfficeElena Cirmizi5223
Property on Loan to George Mason UniversityJan 2014Office of Risk ManagementTo lease, rent, or borrow an equipment. Leased/Rented/Borrowed Equipmentassets@gmu.edu4456
Signature Card Form
Jul 2014Purchasing Verifies who has expenditure authority on a Fund/Org. Purchasing Office2622
Sole Source Procurement Approval RequestApr 2019Purchasing For departments to justify purchasing requests when there is only one source available.Understand the Procurement Methods - Sole SourceJim Russell2587
Supply Room WaiverAug 2010PurchasingFor departments to request an exception from our mandatory office supply contract. Buy Specialized Procurement - Office Supply Chris Mullins9665
Contract Addendum width=Oct 2019PurchasingTo assist departments in ensuring Mason's contracts comply with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia.Contract Addendum InstructionsPurch1@gmu.edu2580
Cost/Price Analysis for Contracted Services
May 2017Purchasing To be completed for all consulting services. Consulting Services InstructionsPurch1@gmu.edu2580
Proposal for Service
Jan 2019Purchasing This document is required for consulting and for other contracts as determined by the Purchasing Office. Vendor's scope of service/proposal should be included as an attachment. Consulting Services Quick GuidePurch1@gmu.edu2580
Purchase Card (PCard) Application

Jan 2020Purchasing To apply for a VISA Purchase Card (PCard).Apply for a P-cardP-Card Administrator 2580
Bank of America Monthly Purchase Log Report
Feb 2016Purchasing This report can be used to assist with the monthly reconciliation process. Instructions for Generating the Bank of America Works Purchase Log ReportP-Card Administrator 2580
T-Shirt WaiverT-Shirt WaiverJuly 2017PurchasingFor departments to request an exemption from the contracted T-Shirt vendors. T-shirt Orderspurchap@gmu.edu2580
Amazon Business GuideJun 2017Purchasing Set-up Guide for initiating a Mason Amazon Business Account. *New users must contact Christopher Mullins for an invitation prior to Set-up. Please contact Christopher Mullins for an invitation to join Mason's Amazon Business AccountChristopher Mullins2580
Computer Purchase GuideComputer Purchase GuideMay 2018Purchasing Instructions for purchasing computers and laptops. Purch1@gmu.edu2580
Encumbrance Close Guide Encumbrance Close Guide May 2018PurchasingFollow instructions to close an encumbrance. enclose@gmu.edu2580
Printing or Embroidery WaiverNov 2018PurchasingTo request the use of a non-contract printing vendor. Printing Contracts
Embroidery Contracts
Purchasing Office2580
Purchase (PCard) Card MaintenanceJuly 2019Purchasing To change a cardholder’s account information, including contact information, supervisor, and limits. This form is also used to close an account.Change P-card Account

Cancel & Terminate a P-card
P-Card Administrator 2580
VCE Release Request (Waiver)July 2019PurchasingFor departments to request an exception from our mandatory furniture vendor.Buy Specialized Procurement - FurnitureChi Nguyen3166
Purchase Card (P-Card) Food and Beverage Restriction WaiverFeb 2019Purchasing Complete the Food and Beverage Authorization and Payment form and check the option "Authorization Only and request for P-Card Waiver." Obtain required signatures and submit via email to to temporarily removing the food and beverage restriction on the Purchase Card.Food and Beverage Form instructionsP-Card Administrator 2580
Resident Adviser Purchase Card Monthly Purchase Card Log/Payment Approval
Jan 2014Purchasing This form is the purchase log and approval form for Housing Resident Advisors only. Shameka Jones5199
W-8 BEN Form, Certificate of Foreign Status Jan 2017Purchasing & International Tax The form ensures that: (a) payee is not a U.S. person; (b) payee is the beneficial owner of the income for which Form W-8BEN is being provided; and (c) payee has an exception from domestic information reporting and backup withholding for certain types of income.
Failure to provide a Form W-8BEN when requested may lead to withholding at a 30% rate.
W-8 BEN InstructionsElena Cirmizi5223
Certificate of Foreign Status - Entities
(W-8 BEN-E)
Apr 2016Purchasing & International Tax The form ensures that: (a) entity (payee) is not a U.S. person; (b) entity (payee) is the beneficial owner of the income for which Form W-8BEN is being provided; and (c) entity (payee) has an exception from domestic information reporting and backup withholding for certain types of income.
Failure to provide a Form W-8BEN-E when requested may lead to withholding at a 30% rate.
W-8 BEN-Entity Instructions

Definitions and Validation
Elena Cirmizi5223
Student Accounts FormsStudent Accounts
Direct Deposit Process for Travel/AP ReimbursementsMay 2018Travel To enable direct deposit of reimbursements into your bank account. Follow instructions to enable direct deposit of Travel reimbursements Accounts Payable2580
Travel Card ApplicationJan 2020TravelTo request an individual liability Travel Card. Know about Travel Payment Methods & Registration FeesTravel Office2652