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Fiscal Support and Connections Network (FSCN) Meeting Notes

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FSCN provides an open forum for the community to discuss fiscal policies/procedures, give feedback, present new ideas for improvement, and gain knowledge from colleagues on common best practices.


September 2020 Meeting Notes

F&B policy update – 

  • Updated Food and Beverage PolicyEvents occurring after September 18, 2020, will no longer require a “Senior Approving Official signature.  
    • We will begin working through the webpage, manuals, quick guides, and forms to reflect this update as soon as possible.
    • We will also include this announcement in the month is a closed email.

ITS access discussion – 

Updates from Fixed Assets – 

  • Mark your calendars for the Annual Equipment Inventory Training scheduled for October 20, 10 a.m. – 12 noon.
    • More information and registration link coming soon. 
  • We are working on training videos and information on the new equipment scanners

New Website!! 

  • Please send all your praise and thanks to Heather Strange and our friends over in the ITS  Web Applications/Services for all their help with the quick update and transition to our new website theme!
    • As you may be aware, when websites get updated, things tend to get lost or broken in the move, so please let us know if you can’t find something!! 
    • Please let us know if you have suggestions for how we can better our website information and navigation! 
    • E-mail us at

Previous Meeting Notes:

August 2020 Meeting Notes – Missing. 

July 2020

Non-fixed assets tagging changes and discussion – 

  • Thank you to all the Equipment liaisons who joined the discussion, and welcome to our community!
  • Based on the communication leading up to the July 23 meeting the financial reporting and fixed assets team have agreed that it will be beneficial to give 2 barcodes per non-fixed asset (valued under $5k, non-ETF) to any department requesting non-fixed asset tags. A spreadsheet template will be provided to departments to aid in adding new non-fixed asset details into the TRAQ database.
    • Question – Can liaisons gain access to TRAQ in a limited capacity to allow them to enter the data themselves? No, currently liaisons can only access TRAQ to run reports, and input limited data fields. The office of fixed assets will research further.
    • Spreadsheets are more streamlined for Departments and can be electronically processed.
    • Discussion on other forms of submission could include Qualtrics and/or Workflow and Banner to track assets and allow for a more automated and integrated process.
  • What is an Equipment Liaison? Is this an official designation? 
    • The Equipment Liaison is a designation within each unit and is the designated contact person for Fiscal Services regarding equipment and inventory. To find out who your equipment liaison is, please contact the Equipment Program Administrator Christian Mullins, at To find out more about equipment management at Mason, check out the Equipment Inventory page on the Fiscal Services Website.
    • If you are interested in future training, videos, and more on this topic please e-mail and

Exceptions to Competitive Requirements update

COVID-19 Safety Expectations of Contractors

  • Contractors working on behalf of Mason are expected to follow university health and safety precautions and precautions mandated by their employer.  This short Contractor Safety Return to Campus presentation outlines contractor obligations on campus, information about campus operations in the fall, and precautions necessary to protect yourself and others while you are working on campus.  A memo outlining contractor requirements is available here.
  • Should you have any questions or are unsure who to contact at a specific vendor, please email the Purchasing Department at

June 2020 Meeting Notes

“CORONA” activity code reminder –

Safety Supplies and Equipment memo –

Proposed F&B policy changes –

  • If you have not already done so, please review the Current DRAFT Food and Beverage Policy and Procedures
    • We encourage you to ask your questions and provide us with a few scenarios in order to ensure that the proposed changes will work for your needs.
    • Please provide your thoughts, questions, and concerns to
  • The planned implementation of the new F&B policies and procedures coincides with the rollout of the “Mason Finance Gateway”, Fall 2020.

Mason Finance Gateway (ChromeRiver) –

  • We are working hard with ChromeRiver to build the “Mason Finance Gateway” to ensure that it is a user-friendly addition to the financial processes at Mason. Please keep an eye out for more information as we move closer to testing and unveiling this new system in Fall 2020.

May 2020

Recharge subgroup -This group is making amazing strides to ensure that our reconciliation practices are consistent University-wide!

  • Members of the parking and transportation staff join our meeting to discuss options for sharing Parking invoices with our community. The consensus was that the community would appreciate a shared drive (similar to what AP and print services provide)
    • The proposed shared drive will include parking validations for Shenandoah and Mason Pond parking decks among other services.
      • For anyone interested in being added to this shared drive, please e-mail
      • However, this will not include Rappahannock parking deck visitor codes – these documents will still need to be requested via e-mail (
    • If you would like to join the recharge subgroup or would like to provide feedback on the information provided in relation to recharge services please e-mail us at

Policy updates –

  • Please review the following proposed changes to the Food and Beverage policy – Please provide your thoughts or comments via e-mail (
    • Additional proposed policy changes would include the pending Travel policy and a merge of these two policies to create the “Travel and Meal
      Expenditures” similar to UVA policy FIN-004
    • We hope to have a review period for the new policy by fall 2020

NEW! Webex teams space for FSCN –

  • Do you use WebEx Teams? Do you want to connect with this community more often? Join our FSCN WebEx Teams Space!! Use this link to join our space: 

April 2020

Shared knowledge discussion – Best practices for Reconciliation: 

        • Utilize an electronic filing system
          • Save backup documentation as electronic files in Dept. shared folder
          • Separate files into folders by Fiscal Year Month and Org Code for ease of locating.
          • Incorporate a unified/standard naming system for documents
            • example: “04212020_org code_Vendor name”
        • Utilize the Fiscal Services Invoice Shared folders
          • This will help you to locate documents for invoices paid through Accounts Payable
          • To be granted access you may email to request access
        • Utilize smartphone apps to capture files digitally
          • To help you obtain source documents you may use applications available through the app store on your smartphone/devices to assist you with capturing documents and converting images to PDFs
            • examples include – Dropbox, Genius Scan, Adobe, or the “Notes” app on device
        • Request to be set up in an “auditor” role for P-Cardholders in your unit. This allows you to view and download purchase logs, reports, and receipts for P-Card purchases in your unit, contact the P-Card admin, to request an auditor role.
        • Recharge service backup documentation
          • Information on Interdepartmental Recharges can be found you may utilize the Rates and Contacts document. This information can be found on the fiscal services’ website, here:
          • Canon also has a shared folder for invoices, you can reach out to Adam Forte,
          • Telecom invoices are available via Pinnacle, contact telecom for more information
            • Tamika Wilks, has a great guide to assist you with compiling files and information in Pinnacle.
          • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We need your help in reaching out to some of the other units around the university who provide recharge services – if you are interested in helping us, please e-mail us at,
          • SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: With your help, we can continue our efforts toward standardized continuity across the University! For example, thank you to the College of Science for sharing their internal Reconciliation Guidance!
            • Do you have an internal reconciliation guide for your department that might help your colleagues with their reconciliation practice?
              • Please share!! Share your guidance, procedures with us by e-mailing,

Question and Answer – 

        • Q: We have received many questions from faculty about expenses for internally funded research.  If faculty have funds committed (E&G or indirect) for research activity can they still proceed as planned with these types of expenses?
          • For internally funded research (E&G/indirect) the department should determine how to move the research forward, if funding is necessary, if it should be canceled, etc. and communicate this to internal research staff.
        • Q: Large purchases that have been encumbered but may not be delivered by June 8 – will Dept. be able to roll over the encumbrance?
          • Usually, an encumbrance is closed out and reflected in the next year. If the budget is not used, it should follow the carryforward procedure. If the delay is COVID-19 related it could be reflected as a deferred cost in FY 2020 to FY 2021.
        • Q: When should we expect the Marketplace Revenue & Elavon fees for Feb/March?
          • Please stay tuned for a follow-up from General Accounting
        • Q: Should P-Card refunds be tagged with the “CORONA” activity code.
          • No, please just reference the original purchase in your allocation comments
        • Q: How will we be able to get our new P-cards?
          • The P-Card office will contact the cardholder to coordinate the delivery of new P-cards, for further information you may contact the P-card admin,
        • Q: We are trying to make purchases that will be delivered to another state. However, we are not tax-exempt for those purchases being shipped outside Virginia. How should I proceed?
          • We are only exempt from Virginia state sales tax, it is OK if you are charge tax for purchases shipped to other states.
        • As always, please be sure to review the current guidance provides on discretionary spending on our Fiscal Services website,

Requests for May Meeting Agenda 

        • Review of the current Travel Policy draft
        • If you would like to add items to the agenda, have topics or information you would like to discuss/share please e-mail

COVID-19 Financial Impacts & March 2020 Meeting Notes

Units should carefully review the COVID-19 Financial Impact memo available here: COVID-19 Financial Impact Guidance.

Fiscal Services encourages users to send Accounts Payable forms and invoices via email to avoid delay in payment processing. Accounts Payable will accept an email approval as an electronic signature.  The authorized approver for the fund/org, should send an email with the statement “[The specific expense and dollar amount] is approved for reimbursement.” along with the completed form.

We strongly encourage employees to enroll in direct deposit for individual reimbursements. Instructions here. Vendors are encouraged to enroll in electronic deposit. Please direct vendors to the electronic disbursement webpage.

Important Purchasing Information

Please review the Emergency Intermittent Telework Expenses and share with your staff! For questions, please contact

Effective March 19, the Cash Office is operating under a modified schedule.

The Cash Office will take appointments Monday to Friday, from 9 to 11 a.m. and will be accepting cash payments only during this time. Call 703-993-2498. All check payments should be placed in the lockbox outside the main door to the Cash Office.

All training and walk-in assistance will continue as scheduled via WebEx. Please contact Jessi Adams for more information.

Meeting Notes – Thank you to our March 2020 meeting presenters:

February 2020

        • SWaM Overview Presentation
          • Thank you Cliff Shore, for joining us at this month’s meeting to share his knowledge and information on SWaM vendors.
        • FY20 Year End Memo
          • The long-awaited and highly requested Fiscal Year-End deadlines for FY2020
        • New G# look-up 
          • As a result of your feedback and input, we have updated the G# look-up to include “doing business as” in addition to the vendor G#, vendor name, and location information.
        • A Reminder from the eVA & P-Card team –

January 2020

        • The Fiscal Services Calendar-
          • Please use this online calendar for the most up-to-date information on upcoming meetings, trainings, deadlines, and walk-in information.
          • With our continued effort to be more “green,” we will NOT send out a paper calendar!
        • Fiscal Fridays! 
          • Join us for an open discussion of purchasing, p-card, and general fiscal topics and assistance.
            • A member of the eVA/P-Card team and Jessi (training manager) will be available on the first Friday of every month, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Johnson Center, Room 234 – Starting Friday, February 7
        • Confirming Order Update
          • We are excited to announce that end-users will no longer submit Confirming Orders in eVA after February 14, 2020. P-Cardholders and Approvers will receive a detailed email outlining the new process very soon. For additional guidance on allocating P-Card transactions, please refer to the updated P-Cardholder Quick Guide.
          • Feel free to contact the P-Card Team should you have any questions.
        • Updated Travel Policy
          • Stay tuned for the January “Month is Closed” e-mail!
        • Chrome River – new travel and expense report portal (Coming soon!)
          • This project is in the beginning stages, and will hopefully be available within the year!
          • We will give you more information as we work through the development and building of this new system.
        • Q&A Session with the New Director of Accounts Payable (AP):
            • As always it is important to be sure that Purchase Orders (EP#) are created prior to goods and services being rendered
            • Invoices to Accounts Payable
              • You must do a “change order” in eVA if the final price differs by 10% or $199 from the original order.
              • If you receive invoices from your vendor, send them to as soon as possible to ensure prompt payment (30 calendar days) you may also encourage your vendors to send invoices directly to
              • For AP Forms (F&B, Scholarship, payment request, etc.) please send to
              • Scholarship/Fellowship payments to non-enrolled students should be processed within 14 business days – for large groups of student and multiple payments e-mail accounts payable (attn: Quyen Le) to set-up a schedule. 
              • Checks for participant support: What if a student doesn’t pick up their check? 
                • Please stay tuned for a follow-up with specifics regarding how long to keep checks, what happens to the funds if the check is not cashed, etc.
              • Payment timelines: Typically vendor payments are processed within 30 days of receipt and individual reimbursements are processed within 14 days. Please allow an additional 7 days for payment transmission. At this time, the accounts payable office is working to update their systems as they are currently running a paper-based process. 
                • To assist the accounts payable staff with processing payments, please be sure that you are obtaining the appropriate approvals in advance, that the vendor information is up-to-date in Banner, and be sure that communication is clear.

December 2019

If you were not able to attend the November Fiscal Topics, you can check out the slides here: November 2019 Fiscal Topics

        • Update on the “Confirming Order” project
          • We are very excited to announce that the Confirming order project is now in a pilot phase and once completed end-users will no longer need to create confirming orders for purchases made with a P-Card outside of eVA.
            • Those not involved in the pilot phase WILL continue to create confirming orders, for now.
          • We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and hope to transition everyone in the Spring.
        • Online P-Card application
          • The Online P-Card application is now available!
            • Thank you to everyone’s suggestions for improving the form, we have made changes as appropriate, to include – a comments sections and the ability to upload files. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas on how we can further improvements by emailing
          • As always all forms can be found of the Fiscal Services Forms and Instructions page.
        • Travel policy
          • Thank you to everyone who was able to attend one of our “value mapping” sessions in November!
            • Check out this Value Map Infographic to see all we discussed!
            • Stay tuned for more information about the future of the travel policy
        • Fiscal Services communication updates

September 2019

        • GMU Foundation
        • P-Card purchases of $5,000 or less
          • Now that we have officially implemented the $5,000 single transaction limit for P-Card holders we would like to encourage the use of P-Cards when making purchases for all possible transactions instead of generating an invoice/check payment
            • More on this topic will be discussed during Fiscal Topics on November 4, 2019
        • P-Card discussion
          • An Electronic P-Card application is on its way!
            • Thank you to our FAST office, we will soon be able to accept P-Card applications electronically through Dynamic Forms!
            • Keep a lookout for many of our other fiscal processes that I currently on paper to become electronic over the next few months.
        • “Catering” discussion
          • Catering is defined as food that is brought to campus by a vendor and then prepared and/or served on-premises. The list of  Approved Caterers is available online (provided by Auxilary Enterprises). Before committing to a caterer, verify that they are on the approved list and have registered with eVA.
            • Note: If food is being picked up from an establishment and brought to campus OR if food is being delivered (already cooked, prepared and packaged) by a vendor, then it is not considered ‘catering’ and you DO NOT have to utilize an Approved Caterer.
              • Including grocery/general merchandising stores (Giant, WalMart, Costco, etc.)
          • In all cases, the Food and Beverage policy must still be followed to include the use of Food and Beverage Form, list of attendees, and signatures as appropriate to your function type and method of payment.
          • Additional guidance can be found in the Food and Beverage Manual and feel free to sign-up for Food and Beverage training as a refresher.
        • Senior Approving Official List
          • We do our best to keep the Senior Approving Officials and Designees list up-to-date, but we need your help! Please review this list and if a change is necessary, the requests must be submitted to by the Incumbent or by copying the Incumbent to the e-mail in which they must “reply all” to approve the request.
        • Advanced Purchasing Training

A Special THANK YOU to our very helpful note-taker!! This individual has asked us not to disclose their name, but I want everyone to know how wonderful it has been to have their help. We would not be able to do this without you!

As always, please e-mail us at with questions, ideas for future speakers and/or topics of discussion!

August 2019

        • Increase in purchasing authority!
          • Please use the Delegated Purchasing Authority Guide to inform your unit of these changes.
            • Effective September 1, 2019, purchasing authority has been increased to $5,000 in eVA.
            • Effective September 16, 2019, single transaction limits will automatically increase to $5,000.
            • IMPORTANT: Honorarium and Food and Beverage Purchases will remain at the $2,000 purchasing threshold, and will still require the appropriate documentation and prior approval from your Units Fund/Org Approver and Senior Approving Official (as appropriate)
        •  Discussion with our eVA admin team
          • Question: What should we do if a vendor’s records need to be updated in Banner?
            • A Substitute W-9  must be filled out and submitted to This is ALWAYS required when addendums or changes are requested for a vendor’s records in Banner.
              • In order to ensure that all parties involved in the payment process are informed of updates or changes, please be sure you are including Accounts Payable in your correspondence.
          • Question: Please explain “ERP” when creating an eVA requisition?
            • The box labeled “Bypass ERP Integration” should only be checked when doing a “Confirming Order” and should always be accompanied by a check in the box next to “Confirming Order; Do Not Duplicate”
            • More information can be found in the eVA Quick Guides and the Basic eVA Purchasing Manual
          • Question: What should we do for “Un-registered vendors” when doing an eVA confirming order?
          • Question: How do we look up SWAM vendors?
            • To assist with the search for SWAM vendors, you may search the Virginia Department of Small Business and Service Diversity ( Directory Listing. The SBSD Directory gives you the ability to filter your search results by criteria such as Certification Type, NIGP, NAICS, City, ZIP Code, and Business Category. For example, the Commonwealth encourages the use of “Micro-SWaM Vendors” which can be selected under “Certification Type”.
          • Question: Are we able to update/change the “ship-to address” in eVA?
            • While it is preferred that the “ship-to address” remains a Mason location, the FAST Office may on occasion, and with a valid business, reason adjusts the “ship to” address for off-site delivery, to make a request of this kind please email,
        • Announcements and Future Opportunities
          • Advanced Purchasing!
            • When: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 – 11:00AM – 12:00PM
            • Where:
              • Fairfax: Merten Hall, 1201
              • Arlington: Van Metre Hall, B119
              • SciTech: K. Johnson Hall, 254
              • WebEx: Meeting Number, 644 309 836
            • What: Please join the Purchasing Office as we have a forum to discuss the purchasing process beyond the basics. E-mail with questions and topics of discussion.
          • Future Meetings! All future meetings will be located in Merten 1201 (unless otherwise noted) with availability for individuals to join via WebEx from our regional campuses. Please see the Fiscal Calendar for more information!

June 2019

        • FSCN purpose, mission, and vision – we will review the responses to the Survey and will report out the results during the August 2019 meeting
        • Please remind faculty and staff in your areas that travel reimbursements submitted more than 60 after the completion of the trip are subject to tax per IRS regulations. Fiscal Services has notified individuals who have been assessed tax.
        • WE NEED YOU! Please volunteer to reach out to one of the recharge units (Facilities, Transportation, etc.) to see if they can add invoices to a shared drive for everyone to use as part of reconciliation. Email to volunteer and if you have preferred recharge unit. We will help coordinate this group and format responses as needed.
        • There will be an open comment period on the delegated purchasing authority, an increase from $2,000 to a $5,000 transaction limit, in July (TBD). We will notify the group when additional information is available.
        • Vendor Invoice discussion – All Vendors, including Consultants, Visiting Scholars, Performers, etc. must submit an invoice on company/individual letterhead.
          • Departments should never create invoices for vendors. This practice contributes to the potential for fraud.
          • If your department is providing a service to another entity, it is permissible for your department to create an invoice as a way to record any subsequent exchange.
          • Basic Invoice guidelines can be found on the fiscal service’s website:
          • If a vendor wishes to have a payment submitted to a different address then what is currently on file, they must submit an updated Substitute W-9. However, we strongly encourage vendors to be paid electronically; more information can be found here:
        • Website updates – please review the following, and provide feedback, thoughts, or suggestions on this and future edits to
        • Request for adding additional information the Fiscal Year deadline memo. Please e-mail with your suggestions on what to include.
        • We will follow-up on the possibility of creating a “common incoming payments” list. General Accounting has agreed to help start this list. If you are expecting a payment, you may email and General Accounting can expedite the processes.

May 2019

        • Subscribe! This will help us keep you and your colleagues up-to-date on topics discussed during our monthly FSCN meetings
        • Survey Reminder – In order for us to utilize this group to the fullest extent we need your participation! Please fill out the online survey in order for us to collectively to gain a better understanding of the purpose, mission, and vision of this group.
        • Honoraria discussion – This conversation has only just begun and we encourage you to speak up and voice your thoughts as we begin the process of gathering information towards possible updates to the procedures. However, there is no immediate plan to change the policy. If you would like to share your thoughts or suggestions please e-mail
        • Food and Beverage discussion – You may now submit your Food and Beverage reimbursement requests to We encourage this practice as it will allow for a more streamlined process and give you the ability to document submission to accounts payable with the appropriate approval signatures, and attach necessary documentation; including legitimate final-itemized receipt.
          • The topic of “original receipts” in the food and beverage policy is in the process of being updated to say “legitimate receipts”
          • However, we still cannot accept electronic signatures.
        • The Future of electronic form submissions – Fiscal Services would like to reduce the number of paper forms currently being processed, however, it is a work in progress.
        • Topics for future “Master’s Classes”, video tutorials, and “Lunch and Learns” – Many wonderful topics and ideas have been identified for future “Beyond the Basics” forums including:
          • Travel, Campus (Space) Planning, Advanced Purchasing, Petty Cash, GMU Foundation, ASRB, and off-campus Conferences planning (local and domestic). If you would like to champion any of these or recommend other topics please e-mail us
        • Fiscal Services Knowledge Base – this is currently a work in progress and will continue to be updated. However, we currently have a variety of available Fiscal Services resources on our website including – Fiscal Orientation Binder, Manuals and Training Material, How to, and so much more.
          • We will work on creating a “Fiscal Services generic e-mail” directory to help you to get the appropriate assistance.
        • Journal Voucher (JV) submissions discussion – The Banner rule is that a JV can only post if it has a transaction date that falls within a month that is open.
          • It is a good practice to initiate a JV at least 5 days prior to the end of the month so that all approvals can be captured before the month is closed.
        • We will follow-up next month on the Banner workflow questions, creating a list of revenue account codes as well as the formal process for requesting account code creation.
        • Suggested topics for future meetings can be submitted to

April 2019

        • We have a new name! Welcome to the newly named – Fiscal Support and Connections Network (FSCN)!
          • Our first order of business is to establish a clear purpose for our group, our mission, and our vision for moving forward as a collective network. Remember, this is your group and YOU have the power to determine where we go from here! Please provide your input on the mission, vision, and areas of improvement by completing this online survey by May 14. We will compile the responses and then discuss the outcomes at the May 21 meeting.
        • NEW! F&B forms may now be submitted to for processing. The PDF form should be completed, printed, and signed by the appropriate staff (individual seeking reimbursement, Fund/Org Approver, and Senior Approving Official, as required). The form may then be attached to an email, along with the legitimate itemized receipt and necessary documentation.

March 2019

        • Canon Updates – Using your Mason ID is the preferred method for processing print jobs as opposed to shared copy cards, any questions on this can be directed to Adam Forte (
          • If new printers are needed for your unit, please reach out to Auxilary Enterprises (Buz Grover – to set-up an assessment of overall printing needs with Canon.
          • A reminder; that the Print Hub is now recognized as an official printing vendor for the University and can provide your unit with products such as Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Cash Receipts and anything in between.
        • Student Employee Skill-Building Event/Activity Discussion – Disregard.
          • General Guidance will be added to the Food & Beverage/Purchasing Made Easy manuals. When it comes to students – If the event is for students, directly benefits the students’ development and is integral to the student experience than it would an acceptable use of funds. In these cases, the “Employee retreat” restrictions would not apply.
          • Departments should always evaluate whether an expense is a necessary use of state funds and utilize the most economical options available.
        • e-Gift Card Update – Academic Units may purchase Gift Cards for research subject payments using a Mason P-Card. Gift cards may only be for research subject payments in accordance with the Institutional Review Board. Fiscal Services has created a step-by-step guide to assist in making these purchases using your Mason Amazon Business Account.
        • Flight Comparison Discussion – When traveling on behalf of the university, it is always important to review the “Rules & Restrictions” to ensure that you are not accruing any additional fees that may not be reimbursable. To assist, Fiscal Services has created a Flight Comparision Example Guide.
        • Annual P-Card Training – Due May 10,  please remind your colleagues. Instructions on how to access the training can be found here 

January 2019

        • The Food & Beverage Authorization and Payment form has been updated and includes several significant changes. The updated form is now available HERE.
          • Please replace any files you may have saved locally on your computer. The old form will not be accepted after February 28, 2019.
          • Instructions for completing the form are available HERE.
        • Electronic P-Card Maintenance Form Demo and Process Flow discussion
        • P-Card Maintenance form – on hold, working on identified issues – will update the group at the February meeting
          • Changed “Cardholder” to “Submitter” on 1st screen
          • When denied – The form goes back to the last person who approved it (Process Flow)
          • Entering an incorrect email address will not trigger any notification to the submitter, etc. Double check the accuracy of email addresses and check the status of submitted forms to ensure processing
          • If 1 individual has 2 roles (i.e., Banner Liaison and Supervisor) they will receive 2 emails and have to provide approval for each role
        • Software downloads through IT Services including Adobe, Skype for Business, etc.
        • Gift Cards for Research Subject Participants updates and document review
          • Currently – eGift cards through Amazon cannot be purchased with a P-Card. Our Amazon Business account does not support this and the financial controls are not in place for Mason to move forward with this option.
          • Working on a more viable solution – will update everyone in February
        • Arlington – Fiscal Services Beyond Basics – Food and Beverage: Lunch and Learn (Tuesday, March 5, 12:00 – 1:00 PM)

November 2018

        • No meeting scheduled in December – enjoy the Holiday break!
        • NEW contracts for Printing Services and Embroidery Services now available!
        • Remember to use existing contracts for Promotional Items and T-Shirt screenprinting.
        • Fiscal Services has decided to issue guidance for units in relation to incoming and outgoing sponsorships, but will delay moving forward with a formal policy at this time. Units should utilize the current policy document as guidance for classifying an Incoming Sponsorship or complete the online form to Request an Outgoing Sponsorship.
        • OSP has several opportunities in December for reconcilers – check out their calendar.

September 2018

        • Instructions for setting up a FedEx and/or UPS account are now available on the UPS/FedEx Account Setup Guide . For FedEx, you will complete the spreadsheet and send to the FedEx email address. When Accounts Payable receives an invoice, noting the “Contact Name”, they will email that individual for the fund/org to be charged.
        • Updated guides for Budget Adjustments in Banner 9 are now available from the Budget Office. Budget Adjustment Using FGAJVCD and Budget Adjustment Using FGAJVCQ.
        • Updated instructions for processing electronic Journal Vouchers in Banner 9 is available on the Electronic JV Guide.
        • Here are the instructions for setting up an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit. Also, the direct deposit “opt-in” message  will be sent to active employees (FT/PT/Adjunct/no-student wage) who have received a payroll deposit in the last 12 months and who do NOT have an AP direct deposit account already set up. The message will not be sent to student wage employees.
        • Register for Fiscal Topics – October 15, by visiting the Event page!
        • Follow up information on RFP process and Promotional Vendors will be discussed at the next meeting – October 22.

August 2018

        • Telecomm rates increase by $1.50 each year in July. Current rates are: 1210 = $22.80, 1220 = $24.00, 1230 = $28.15.
        • Travel rules need to be followed more closely, especially requests for Alternative Lodging and Personal with Business Travel.
        • Equipment Inventory Overview is available for review and includes a response to comments.
        • Reconciliation reports for TouchNet Marketplace are now available on a shared drive for easy access. Additional information about Marketplace and how it can improve revenue collection is available here.
        • Canon billing seems to be working smoothly – there is now a shared drive for statements.
        • OSP – Research Admin Certificate courses are available and you are all encouraged to attend, whether or not you are seeking the certificate
        • Fiscal Services is hosting their first lunch and learn series on Sept. 27. It will focus on Food & Beverage and representatives from Sodexo, Auxiliary services and Accounts Payable will join for the discussion. Register Here.