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Gift Cards for Research Subject Payments

*Please note that the purchase of gift cards is restricted to research subject payment. Units may not purchase gift cards for any other reason.*

Academic Units may purchase gift cards for research subject payments using a Mason P-Card. The gift cards must be physically secured at all times by lock and key. Gift cards should be used only for research subject payments in accordance with the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Benefits of utilizing gift cards for research subject payments:

  • No check to cash/deposit
  • Less lead time required
  • No out of pocket expense
  • PI/Custodian determines gift card denomination
  • Academic Unit controls ordering, disbursing, and reconciling of gift card purchase

Permission from Fiscal Services is not required. All purchases must be in compliance with Fiscal Policy and procedures for eVA/P-Card. The Academic Dean/Department Head is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal control procedures for their unit.

Please review the Gift Cards for Research Subjects Guide to learn about department responsibilities and obtain standardized forms to assist in managing the process. Click here to download all the related documents as a Zip file.