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Access Banner Workflow?Go to Login to Banner Workflow. FAST
Apply for a refund of Social Security Medicare Tax withheld in error? Go to Apply for a Refund of Social Security and/or Medicare Tax Withheld in Error. International Tax
Approve a request for reimbursement when I the reimbursable person is the PI on a grant?The approval signature cannot be that of the person to be reimbursed. The approval signature must always be the direct supervisor or a higher authority.Accounts Payable
Book airfare?Refer to Air & Rail Travel.Travel
Book a hotel? Go to Use Lodging.Travel
Calculate book value of equipment?Go to Equipment Not Found Procedures. The third step under Required Procedures explains how to calculate equipment book value with an example. Equipment Inventory
Change Banner (MESA) password?For changing and resetting passwords please see

Please contact ITU Support if you have problems with changing the password.
Change/reset eVA password?Go to Change eVA Password. FAST
Check my federal tax return status?Go to Know Your Tax Status. International Tax
Complete the Travel Authorization/Approval? Go to Complete a Travel Authorization.Travel
Choose a tax preparer?Go to Choose Tax Preparer. International Tax
Create a G number for a new vendor?To create a G number or update a new vendor address, please scan the Substitute W-9 form in a PDF format and email it to Payable
Declare item for surplus? Go to Declaring Items for SurplusCentral Receiving
Deposit revenue into a Mason Foundation account?No, GMUF accounts are restricted for gifts.
Revenue should be deposited in university funds or organizations. If you think you will have funds to carryover beyond the fiscal year, you may need a self-supported carryover fund. Use the New Organization/Fund Request Manual to request a self-supported carryover fund.
Controller's Office
Dispose of old or broken equipment?Go to Dispose of Equipment. Equipment Inventory
Do business with Mason? Go to Do Business with Mason. Purchasing
Find an account code?Go to Expenditure Account Codes.
Find & submit Fiscal Services forms?Go to Fiscal Forms & Instructions. Fiscal Services
Find the Cash Receipt Deposit forms?Go to Cashier's Office - Forms .Cashier's Office
Find contact information regarding repayment of my Perkins Loan? Go to Campus Partners. Account & Loan Management
Find Fiscal Services procedures?Go to Fiscal Services Resources & Procedures. Fiscal Services
Find out the status of a payment?Go to Inquire About Payment. Accounts Payable
Find out about making purchases of $5,000 or less? Go to Make a Purchase of $5,000 or lessPurchasing
Find the contact person about solicitations? Contact the buyer of records or Jim Russell. Purchasing
File my tax return if I am an international student?Go to Learn about Tax Filing for International Students. International Tax
Gain Banner Finance access?Go to Request Access to Banner Self-Service. FAST
Gain eVA access?Go to Request eVA Account. FAST
Get a barcode for a new piece of equipment that was sent directly to our department?Go to Equipment Delivered Directly to the Department/Office. Equipment Inventory
Get access to the TraQExpress?Go to Utilize the TraQ Database. Equipment Inventory
Get reimbursed for food and beverage expenditures?Go to Request Food & Beverage Reimbursement. Accounts Payable
Handle my budget report that reflects a charge for an invoice I am not familiar with, or believe may have been miscoded?Email the AP general mailbox at to request a copy of the invoice. Please provide: vendor name, G number (if available), Voucher (document) number, total amount. If it is determined that an invoice is miscoded, Accounts Payable can complete a journal voucher to move the amount.Accounts Payable
Hire a foreign national employee? Go to Hire a Foreign National. International Tax
Identify equipment inventory procedures? Refer to Equipment Inventory Procedures. Equipment Inventory
Inform General Accounting about a defective piece of equipment that will be replaced by the vendor? The preferred way to handle this situation is to send a request for Tagging a New Piece of Equipment form, copies of documentation showing that the item was returned and replaced by the vendor, and a note clearly explaining which item was returned to the vendor and which item was replaced. If the new item was shipped to Central Receiving and got a barcode, please just send a note and the documentation showing the item was exchanged so we can update the database. Equipment Inventory
Know appropriate and inappropriate expenditures?Go to Know What You Can and Cannot Buy and Improper Expenditures Examples.
Know consequences if I default on my loan?Your account will be sent to a collection agency.Account & Loan Management
Know data currency in the Finance Data Mart (DMFP) in Discoverer?The data in the Finance Data Mart (DMFP) is refreshed twice per day at noon and midnight. If your password has changed, it will be updated with the next scheduled refresh.
Log on to Discoverer to see the current Finance Data Mart refresh status.
Know equipment that needs to be barcoded? Go to Barcoding & Monitoring EquipmentEquipment Inventory
Know frequency of processing checks? Checks are processed twice a week: Monday for mailing on Tuesday and Thursday for mailing on Friday.Accounts Payable
Know responsibilities of equipment liaison? Refer to Departments & Offices Responsibilities. Equipment Inventory
Know some examples of payments or financial benefits Mason might make to a foreign national?The most common types of payments Mason might make to a foreign national are:
* Scholarships/ Fellowships/ Support Allowance payments
* Honorariums/ Independent contractors payments
* Royalty payments
* Travel reimbursements
* Wages/ Salary payments
* Payments for tangible goods
International Tax
Know the importance of completing the Foreign National Information online form and attending the International Tax Office interview? Go to Importance of the International Tax Office Interview. International Tax
Know the POC for eVA and Banner/Data Mart? The POC for eVA is Purchasing Manger at The POC for Banner/Data Mart is Amanda Kennedy or Rob Sparkman. Purchasing & FAST
Know the right person to contact about a check I made payable to George Mason University but is returned "unpaid"? Although General Accounting receives returned checks from the bank, the individual department that deposited the original check handles the repayment and returned check fees. For example: If the check was for a tuition payment, contact Student Accounts; if it was for a Fairfax Pool Membership, contact the Fairfax Aquatic and Fitness center. General Accounting
Know the deadline to submit payment requests?Payment requests must be submitted to Accounts Payable at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. For example, any payment request that is received in Accounts Payable by Friday afternoon will be paid the second Thursday after.Accounts Payable
Know the reasons for obtaining a W-9 Form for a new domestic vendor? The W-9 Form is required for all new vendors and for those vendors for whom we do not have the form on file. The university is required to report certain payments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); the W-9 includes the information needed to comply with IRS regulations. Proper name, address and tax identification number submitted by the vendor ensure that we have the most accurate data in our database.Accounts Payable
Know who needs to visit the International Tax Office?Refer to Who Needs to Visit the Office?International Tax
Know whom to contact if I have a problem with my TraQExpress access? Contact the Equipment Inventory Program Coordinator at to have your password reset or to troubleshoot other login issues.Equipment Inventory
Locate training quick reference material? Go to Obtain Training MaterialsTraining
Locate the Cashier's Office FAQs? Go to Cashier's Office and Student Accounts Office FAQs.Cashier's Office
Locate the correct form to pay for postage stamps?Use the Payment Request Form. Accounts Payable
Locate the sales tax exemption certificate?Use the Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption. Purchasing
Look up my department’s inventory in TraQExpress?Go to Utilize the TraQ Database. Equipment Inventory
Make a student account payment? (Pay online?)Use the Bill and Payment System to make online payments. Student Accounts
Obtain a Social Security Number or ITIN?Go to Interview Requirements - Apply for the Social Security Number or ITIN Letter.International Tax
Obtain Mason catalogs? Please fax a request to Media Relations at (703) 993-8784 for all catalog requests. Central Receiving
Pay a Foreign Vendor by International Wire? Go to Use International Wire Transfer. Accounts Payable
Plan a conference starting from a fiscal perspective? We recommend that you work with Events Management to plan and manage your conference. Call (703) 993-2853 for information about conference support. Controller's Office
Purchase desktop supplies? Departments must purchase all office supplies from The Supply Room Companies. See Buy Specialized Procurement by Category - Office Supplies. Central Receiving
Purchase consulting services? Go to Buy Specialized Procurement by Category - Consulting ServicesPurchasing
Prepare required documents for a lodging exception? Go to Exceptions to Maximum Lodging Rates.Travel
Preview and register for classes at Fiscal Services?Go to the Training Calendar. Training
Proceed if I could not find all of my equipment during inventory?Refer to Equipment Not Found Procedures. Equipment Inventory
Process a revenue refund request?Go to Request Revenue Refund. Accounts Payable
Process a scholarship for an international student? Go to Scholarships & Fellowships. International Tax
Process a travel request?Go to Plan a Trip.Travel
Process honorarium to a foreign visitor? Go to Process Honorarium PaymentInternational Tax
Process travel reimbursement to a foreign visitor?Go to Travel Reimbursements. International Tax
Prepare requirements for the International Tax Office interview? Go to Interview Requirements.
International Tax
Use copies of receipts for reimbursements?You many NOT use copies of receipts for reimbursements. Only original receipts are accepted for reimbursements. The State requires an actual, original, itemized, detailed receipt. A credit card statement alone does not show items purchased but does show that payment was made.Accounts Payable
Use eVA to make a purchase? Go to Use eVA Purchasing. Purchasing
Use the moving and relocation services?Go to Move & Relocate. Purchasing & Travel
Use the 1098T form received from Student Accounts?Refer to Know about 1098T Form. International Tax
Receive copy of my W-2?Go to HR - W-2's and Year to Date Earnings. International Tax
Receive reimbursement for .....? Go to Reimburse Employees. Accounts Payable
Reimburse an individual for supplies?Complete the Payment Request form and attach the original receipts. If you need help with the Payment Request form, go to the Payment Request Instructions.Accounts Payable
Remove equipment from my inventory that does not belong to my department?Go to Correct Equipment Information in Department’s Inventory. Equipment Inventory
Rent a car? Go to Rental Vehicles. Travel
Report a stolen piece of equipment? Go to Report Lost or Stolen EquipmentEquipment Inventory
Request approval for lodging above basic rates? Go to Request Approval for Lodging above Basic Rates. Travel
Request a stop payment or void check?Go to Pay Invoices - Cancel or Reissue a Check .Accounts Payable
Retrieve a copy of my processed voucher or invoice? To obtain an invoice copy, email Accounts Payable or call (703) 993-2580. Accounts Payable
Review Mason's Financial Statements?Go to Review Financial Statements. General Accounting
Setup and submit a petty cash request?Go to Request Petty Cash. Accounts Payable
Sign up for Direct Deposit of Travel Reimbursements?Refer to Use Travel Request System - Direct Deposit . Travel
Sign up for electronic payments?Go to Electronic Disbursements. Accounts Payable
Submit an invoice?Go to Pay Invoices. Accounts Payable
View current open solicitations?Go to Current Solicitation Opportunities to view open bids. Purchasing
View usable surplus equipment and furniture? Go to Obtaining Items from Surplus Property. Central Receiving