Prepare & Send a Travel Reimbursement Voucher

Required Process:

  1. The department prepares a Travel Reimbursement Voucher upon completion of the travel for which the foreign national is being reimbursed. Please see Travel Reimbursement to Foreign Nationals.
  2. Submit the completed form, together with the required attachments including the Authorization to Travel, to the Travel Department in Accounts Payable at MS 3C1 before payment will be released.
  3. Reimbursement will be made for actual expenses incurred except meals which are reimbursed on a per diem basis.


  • Without ALL required documents, travel expenses will not qualify for any exemptions, tax treaty benefits, and/or rate reductions and will be subject to tax withholding at the 30% rate.
  • To ensure the visitor receives the payment promptly, please request that Travel send the check to the department administrator so that he/she will send the check to the visitor via FedEx. Checks sent through regular mail may take weeks to reach the visitor.

For Questions: