Journal Vouchers

What is a “Journal Voucher”? A journal voucher is a process of moving accounting entries from one place to another; examples include, correcting an incorrect financial entry to reflect the appropriate FOAPAL element, or providing funding to another department for services or shared resources, or to record Recharges involving other departments. 

Electronic Journal Voucher Submission

Fiscal Services encourages all units to begin submitting journal vouchers electronically using Banner Admin Apps, instead of submitting a paper journal voucher form. Instructions are available on the Electronic JV Guide. Unit finance liaisons may request access for existing Banner users within their unit by sending an email to with the existing user net ID and the request to add JV Initiator security group and XCAR rule code to the existing user’s profile. New finance users should submit a Banner Access form indicating the JV Initiator security group and XCAR rule code and providing the required fund/org access.

  • Please note: Generally speaking electronic journal vouchers cannot be submitted for transactions that “cross funding types.” For example, an Org that has an Education and General (E and G) funding source (1xxxx) cannot debit or credit the Org that has an Auxiliary Enterprise (AE) funding source (3xxxx) or a sponsored (OSP) funding source (2xxxx). To determine the funding types, please use the Fund/Org Lookup Tool.

Paper (excel) Journal Voucher Submission

When an electronic journal voucher cannot be submitted, a paper journal voucher must be submitted, please access and complete the JV form listed on the Forms and Instructions page. A shared drive has been created (M:\shared\fsvc.journals) where copies of PAPER JVs will be available to departments for reconciliation. Paper JVs are journal vouchers that are manually processed by the General Accounting Office. Please note, electronic JVs processed in Banner (FGAJVCD) are not included in this folder as related documents are retained by the department. Individuals with access to this shared drive are listed here in the table below. Please reach out to your assigned point of contact with questions or to request JV documents.

Journal Voucher (JV)

To complete an Excel JV, click the link to download the Excel file. On the second tab (JV Template) enter the required information. Instructions for Journal Voucher Excel submission Once complete, save the file in Excel and send it to

For instructions on how to complete an Electronic JV click, here: Electronic JV Guide.

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