Programs, Events and Camps (PECs)


Internal programs, events, and campus (PECs) are those booked, managed, staffed and otherwise supported by a Mason department, academic unit or other organization with a Mason fund/org code. Organizations affiliated with Mason may reserve programmable space free – or at a reduced- rate. Mason affiliates must adhere to the Commonwealth and university policies. To view all policies please visit the University Policy page. For external events (managed and staff by non-Mason personnel) please visit the External Event page.

Getting Started – PEC Registration Form

Internal Programs, Events, and Camps (PECs) should reserve event space through 25Live and complete the PEC Registration Form. The PEC Registration Form is intended to identify the needs of the PEC and alert units who will coordinate assistance for the event including Human Resources, Parking Services and Events Management. In addition, an internal unit that intends to accept credit card payments must do so using Mason Marketplace, the online payment portal for George Mason University. Events Management will coordinate with the PEC to create an eCommerce presence within Marketplace for customers to purchase items such as event tickets and camp registrations by credit card.  The PEC Registration Form should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event start date.

PEC SurveyPEC Registration Form

Additional information related to Program, Events, and Camps may be found on the Shop Mason webpage.