Mason Unit/Department

eCommerce Liaisons

eCommerce Liaisons are individuals who provide direct TouchNet support to their unit or department by partnering with the Central Marketplace Administration (CMA) to manage Marketplace applications, monitor usage, develop new uStore/uPay sites, ensure access and training needs are met, track PCI-DSS compliance, and disseminate relevant information.

Search for your unit or department eCommerce Liaison. Contact the Liaison to discuss any new uStore request prior to submitting an application. If a liaison is not listed for your unit please contact

uStore and uPay Sites

The following section describes the main features of a uStore and a uPay site and may be used to help the unit decide which product is most suitable for their needs. Fiscal Services can also assist with this determination. Please review the following information before submitting a Marketplace Application. You will be required to acknowledge your understanding of the requirements below when completing the application.

uStore Features
uPay Features
Create an online store to sell products, manage registrations, collect fees, rentals, memberships, dues and other revenue via credit cardAdd the ability to collect funds via credit card to an existing webpage
Web development/programming expertise not requiredWeb development for hosting site, any interfaces and on-going maintenance required
Fiscal Services will assist with the initial creation of the storeTechnical support is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring department

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI -DSS)

Mason has an obligation to protect the confidentiality, quality and availability of university data. University data includes personally identifiable information such as credit card information. Mason accepts credit card payments on a department-by-department basis in accordance with state guidelines and PCI DSS. Departments must receive prior approval from Fiscal Services to receive payments by credit card. Failure to follow university guidelines or a lapse in identity security may result in the suspension or revocation of the right to accept credit card payments.

Any department that accepts credit cards for payment must follow the guidance provided by University Policy 2110. Any individual who has been granted access to the Mason Marketplace must sign the Payment Card Control and Security Procedures annually.

Recording Sales Transactions

Credit card transactions are recorded automatically to the fund/org and account code designated by the department. Units may have multiple fund/org and account combinations assigned to different products or services. These fund/org and account combinations are recorded in Banner Finance using detail codes (e.g. CC01). This automation eliminates the need for departments to submit a daily credit card sales report to Fiscal Services for manual input into Banner Finance.


Departments are responsible for reconciling sales transactions captured through their online storefronts with transactions posted to Banner Finance. Administrators may create transaction reports in Marketplace to match with transactions posted in Banner Finance. If a discrepancy is discovered, the reconciler must contact Fiscal Services for assistance in resolving the error.

Credits/Refunds to Customers

To enable refund functionality, an individual must be assigned the role of “Fulfiller w/Refund Rights.” If a refund or credit is due to the customer, the Fulfiller w/Refund Rights will initiate the refund/credit in Marketplace. Specific instructions for creating a credit/refund may be found on the Marketplace Refund Guide.


Occasionally, Mason will receive notice that a customer has disputed a charge. A copy of the chargeback notification will be forwarded to the Marketplace Store Manager. The department is required to provide all requested information in response to the notification by the due date indicated. Even when adequate documentation is provided the credit card provider may proceed with the chargeback. If the chargeback is accepted the sales transaction will be reversed.

Sales Tax

Departments are responsible for collecting and paying sales tax on items that they offer for sale when appropriate. All tax must be collected at the time of the transaction. For questions regarding when it is appropriate to make sales tax collection please contact the Fiscal Services Tax Office at  For questions regarding the account for sales tax collection and remittance, please contact Yoon Hwang, Manager of Accounting Operations at

Separation of Duties

Departments must establish internal controls that are intended to reduce the risk of an existing or potential control weakness. The chart below outlines the Marketplace Roles. Departments should consider these roles, along with who will reconcile the Marketplace transactions to Banner Finance, when assigning duties to department staff. Click chart below for more information on each Marketplace role.