Learn about Equipment Trust Funds (ETF)

…of theft is $800 ($1,200 cost less $400 depreciation). Because the equipment has a remaining book value, the item must be replaced with a like item, and the replacement cost

Purchasing Office

…honored at all dollar amounts. In addition, all staff will assist in the standardization of purchases for commonly procured goods and services by utilizing institution-wide contracts, where available. Click here…

Fiscal Services Forms & Instructions

Instructions Use the Search box below to find Fiscal Forms, instructions and contact information….

Fiscal Services Forms & Instructions

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Fiscal Guidance

…Phones Purchase costs or maintenance expenses associated with employee-owned items or related services Upgrades to existing home infrastructure- new routers, antennas, internet enhancements Printers or scanners (unless department head has…

Electronic Disbursements

…will be readily available on the PayMode-X website. Environmentally friendly- paperless, electronic payments are more secure, save money and help to conserve the environment by eliminating printing and mailing of…

Learn about Tax Filing for International Students

…account. For Further Assistance Watch the Sprintax online tutorial for more details or if you have questions please email Sprintax. You may also use their online chat system or call…

Office of Risk Management Equipment Loss Procedures

…to annotate on the purchase order separate replacement cost and upgrade cost. The Commonwealth’s Risk Management Plan does not reimburse for the cost of warranty or extended warranty. Coverage of…

Learn about Equipment Inventory Process

…A server was purchased one year ago at a cost of $8,000. The life expectancy for the server is five years. After one year, the asset is 1/5 depreciated (-$1,600)….


Cashless Campus Initiative

…fee payments. Additional information for student payments is available on the Cashier’s Office webpage.   Transition to Mason Marketplace Mason Marketplace is the currently available eCommerce solution for the Mason…