Cashless Campus Initiative

…incoming sponsorships, etc.) received by the department may be placed in the drop box in SUB 1 outside of room 1501. Please include a Cash Receipt detailing the deposit instructions….

Expenditure Account Codes

…P Crosswalk Tool to view Account code crosswalks from Chart 1 to Chart P. Note that some Account code descriptions may be updated in the future for consolidated Accounts codes….

Fiscal Learning and Engagement

…system access are noted below. Users will register and complete each session in MasonLEAPS. Sessions are asynchronous and available online at any time. Please visit MasonLEAPS to register and complete…

Acquire New Equipment

over $5,000. University Insurance The university’s property insurance provides the same coverage for these items as for those owned by the University. If the item is not returned in the

Learn about P-Card & eVA

Step-by-Step Click here for more information about eVA. To Complete a P-Card Purchase through eVA Register the P-Card with eVA (see Registration Instructions). Identify an eVA vendor that sells the

Make a Purchase less than $5,000

…P-Card information may not be transmitted on paper, fax or email. The receipt must be attached to the P-Card transaction in Bank of America Works. Instructions for allocating charges in…


Incoming and Outgoing Sponsorships

…in all cases. Units may not use the P-Card to pay for sponsorships. Guidance is available in Appendix A of the Sponsorship Guide. Incoming Sponsorship An Incoming Sponsorship is the


…is required to establish a billing rate that is in compliance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance Part 200 Subpart E – Cost Principles, which stipulates that…

Month is closed

Month is Closed Announcements

…Everyone is welcome at our Fiscal Services walk-in sessions! The walk-in schedule is available at Sponsored Programs (Grants and Contracts) PI Report and Reconciliation — February 19 & March…

Accounts Payable FAQs

…should I do? Instructions for logging in and searching for payments are available at Vendor – Invoice Questions Where do I send the invoice? All invoices must be sent…