Learn about P-Card & eVA

…in Bank of America Works before the deadline. Place Orders Directly with the Vendor In cases where an eVA vendor’s website contains essential ordering details making it a more efficient…

Learn about Per Diem Rates

…incidental expenses (IE) breakdown for the 48 contiguous United States is available at www.gsa.gov/mie. The meals and incidental per diem must correspond to the location specified for the overnight lodging….

Make a Purchase less than $5,000

…by “splitting orders”. “Splitting orders” is defined as awarding multiple orders within a short time period to the same vendor that would exceed the delegated signature authority and prevent appropriate…

Use International Wire Transfer

…code associated with the charge, enter it here. A complete list of account codes is available online here: https://fiscal.gmu.edu/expenditure-account-codes/ Purchase Order: Enter the PO# if applicable. Orders for goods or…


…Surplus Excel Form. Enter your equipment data and save the file. Log in to Banner Workflow. Initiate a workflow instance (User Profile-> My Process-> FIN_Equipment Surplus Processing). Fill out Equipment…

Planning Conferences at Off-Campus Locations

…for your event. Enter the order in eVA and attach the sales quote/booking agreement. If the agreement is over $5,000, a buyer will sign the agreement and issue the order….

Ensure Vendor is Set Up in eVA & Banner

…Substitute W-9 and upload through the Vendor Portal. Does the Vendor Accept Credit Cards or Electronic Orders eVA search specifies the vendor’s acceptance of credit cards or electronic orders. On…

Pay for Travel

…uploaded and attached to the corresponding travel document in order to be reimbursed to the traveler. Original documentation/receipts should be retained by the traveler until after reimbursement has been received….

Fiscal Support and Connections Network

Emergency Intermittent Telework Expenses

…Until further notice, units may order most essential office supplies through their Amazon Business Account without sending in a waiver request (these items are typically ordered through The Supply Room)….

Equipment Liaisons

Please search for the appropriate Equipment Liaison based on your unit’s Org or Department name….