Retail Sales and Use Tax

…the retail purchase price and is paid by the purchaser. Exemptions The general rule is that a seller must collect sales tax on any taxable sales unless an exemption applies….

Learn about Per Diem Rates

…incidental expenses (IE) breakdown for the 48 contiguous United States is available at The meals and incidental per diem must correspond to the location specified for the overnight lodging….

Electronic Disbursements

…banking practices – PayMode-X requires no software purchases, no modifications to your existing accounts receivable systems, and no changes to your bank or bank accounts. Includes detailed remittance information –…


Cashless Campus Initiative

…community. Powered by TouchNet Marketplace Suite, the Mason Marketplace makes it easy for departments and campus organizations to create, manage and operate online storefronts, registration sites and secure payment portals…

Programs, Events and Camps (PECs)

…Mason Marketplace, the online payment portal for George Mason University. Events Management will coordinate with the PEC to create an eCommerce presence within Marketplace for customers to purchase items such…

Process Honorarium Payment

…Once the purchase requisition in eVA has been approved and an EP number has been assigned, it is the department’s responsibility to forward the invoice to Accounts Payable at…

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Guidance/Reminders on “CORONA” expenses

…and reasonable. Consider if the purchase was absolutely required and clearly justifiable? If so, would less expensive alternatives have sufficed? If it had been your money, would you have purchased?…

State Sales Tax Exemption

…catering services. This does not apply to lodging, gas or car rentals. Cardholders are responsible for informing suppliers of the tax-exempt status when making a purchase. The phrase, Tax Exempt,…

Use Search Features in eVA

Searching for Requisitions & Items to Purchase Buyers may search for a previous requisition in a number of ways. Buyers may also search for items to purchase from eVA self-registered…

Pay and Receive Orders

…research funds are charged. P-Card purchases are NOT received in eVA. No eVA approval is required for P-Card purchases $5,000 or less. For additional information visit the Use P-card page….