PI Reports

What are PI Reports?

PI Reports are a collection of reports designed to assist Principal Investigators (PIs) and grant administrators in monitoring a project budget.

The reports include a summarized snapshot of the financial position for each sponsored project, with drill-down capability to detailed financial information including personnel details. The reports are accessed through https://its.gmu.edu/service/microstrategy/

Accessing the Reports

  1. Go to https://its.gmu.edu/service/microstrategy/
  2. Log in using Mason Net ID and Patriot Web password. Select “LDAP Authentication”
  3. Select the Administrative folder.
  4. Select the Shared Reports folder.
  5. Select the PI Reports folder, then the PI Dashboard.
  6. Information will display for individual account details.

Step-by-step instruction on utilizing the PI Reports may be found in the MicroStrategy PI Report Quick Guide.

Questions about the Reports

  • ITU Support Center at 703-993-8870
  • Office of Sponsored Programs at (703) 993-4806