Purchasing & Accounts Payable Updates

July 2018 Updates


eVA Ordering Update
Process Improvement for FY19!

As a process improvement for FY19, purchasing requisitions between $2k-$5k will no longer be assigned to a buyer in the Purchasing Office when a special review is not required. This will significantly reduce the processing time for departmental orders under $5k to vendors that we regularly conduct business with. In these cases, An EP# will be assigned to the order and returned to the eVA user for vendor submission, if necessary. The purchase order will be visible in the “To Do” section of the eVA Dashboard (for “print vendors”) or in the “My Documents” section for vendors who accept electronic orders through eVA. No further action is required by the unit if the order is sent to a vendor that accepts electronic orders through eVA; however, if the vendor is a “print vendor” and does not accept electronic orders through eVA, the end user will need to take the same action they currently take for orders under $2k and send the vendor a copy of the EP#. Additionally, if an invoice is attached to the order, the user must forward the invoice to acctpay@gmu.edu for processing.

Re-manufactured Toner
Purchasing re-manufactured toners is a great way to save money and conserve natural resources!

The Supply Room Company (TSRC) is now offering re-manufactured toner options. To see if re-manufactured toner is available for your machine, search for the traditional toner in the TSRC PunchOut Catalog and then click the “Family” tab at the bottom of the item page. If “Remanufactured Toner Cartridge” is listed, simply click “Add to Cart.”
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Sit Stand Desks
Options for every budget!

The Supply Room (TSRC) has a variety of sit stand desks available at contract pricing. The TSRC Punch-Out Catalog homepage features a link to the available options. In order to access the Punch-Out Catalog link, you must be logged into eVAAfter you login to eVA, go to “eMall/eForms.” Under the Search tab, select Catalog then use the drop down arrow to select PunchOut Catalogs and enter “The Supply Room” into the search field. Then click the Search button. You will see the vendor listed. Click on “(GMU) Office, Tech Supplies & Furniture” to enter the PunchOut catalog and submit your order.
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Scientific Vendor Information
Use the Mason Contract Number for preferred pricing!

The Scientific Vendor Information Sheet has been updated and departments can use the listing to receive preferred pricing for many scientific supplies. Be sure to reference the contract number when ordering to ensure the guaranteed price is assessed.

SWaM Fest 2018
October 3 -4 in Harrisonburg, VA

SWaM Fest 2018, Virginia’s largest supplier diversity conference, will be held at the Hotel Madison and Shenandoah Valley Conference Center in Harrisonburg, Va on October 3 – 4, 2018. If your department currently works with a SWaM vendor(s) who may be interested in attending/sponsoring the event, additional details are available here.

New Contracts
Check out the new contracts that are now available!

The Purchasing Office has negotiated new contracts in the following areas. The complete list of active contracts is available on the Contract Summary.

  1. Piano Tuning & Maintenance Services
    • Ashley Turner DBA Piano Expectations
    • Claire Saldana
  2. Crisis Management
    • Empathia Inc.
  3. Ticketing Systems for CFPA & HPAC
    • Tickets.com
  4. Regulated Medical Waste
    • Environmental Management Services Inc.
  5. Asphalt Paving and Concrete
    • Finely Asphalt and Sealing
  6. Landscaping
    • Blue Ridge Landscape & Design
  7. Videography Services
    • KMC Productions

Travel Reminders
Trip planning guides!

As a reminder, there are many guides available for various types of trip planning. These guides will help travelers to stay in compliance with Mason policies and procedures while traveling on university business.

  • The Personal Travel with Business Travel guide will help employees who wish to include personal travel time with their next business trip. It is very important to gather information prior to the trip occurring!
  • The Alternative Lodging Guide provides instructions for travelers who would like to utilize non-traditional lodging such as Air BnB or similar services. Travelers must receive approval for such accommodations before the trip begins!
  • The Travel Request System (TRS) Quick Guide outlines the approvals and documentation needed for each TRS trip type.