Do Business with Mason

Thank you for your interest in doing business with George Mason University. We are always excited to strengthening our vendor pool and look forward to future opportunities that might exist between us.

To get started – submit the Commonwealth’s Substitute W-9 form, W-8BEN form, or W-8BEN-E to This step is required before receiving a purchase order or submitting an invoice.

Existing Vendors must submit a new W-9/W-8 in order to update their address.

New Vendors are also encouraged to self-register with eVA, Virginia’s procurement portal, and to participate in the Commonwealth’s SWaM program, if applicable. Click a topic for additional information.

Invoice Submission: To ensure prompt and accurate payment vendors should send invoices directly to for processing.

Vendor Payments: Mason requires all contractors or those operating in an business capacity to enroll in one of its electronic payment options in order to receive payment. To enroll and expedite payment please visit Electronic Disbursement