Do Business with Mason

Thank you for your interest in doing business with George Mason University. We are always excited to strengthen our vendor pool and look forward to future opportunities that might exist between us.

To get started – Vendors must register with Mason by submitting the Commonwealth’s Substitute W-9 form, W-8BEN form, or W-8BEN-E by clicking on the link to the right. This step is required before receiving a purchase order or submitting an invoice. Vendors should not send their Substitute W-9 or W-8 form by email to their Mason contact. Please utilize this link directly.

Please be sure to sign the document with either a handwritten signature, Docusign, or a certified electronic PDF signature.

Existing Vendors must submit a new W-9/W-8 in order to update their address.

Individuals who are filling out the Substitute W-9 Form by hand and not electronically, please carefully fill out the entire document. If you choose “Corporation” or “Limited Liability Company” under Entity Type, please be sure to check ALL boxes that apply. For example, if your entity type is a corporation, you will check that box AND S-Corporation or C-Corporation. 

SWaM Vendors: New Vendors are also encouraged to self-register with eVA, Virginia’s procurement portal, and to participate in the Commonwealth’s SWaM program, if applicable. Click a topic for additional information.

Vendor Payments: Mason encourages all contractors or those operating in a business capacity to enroll in one of its electronic payment options in order to receive payment. To enroll and expedite payment please visit Electronic Disbursement

eVA Registration: Vendors should register with the state procurement system, eVA, which provides vendors with access to many services and tools including automated placement on bidders list and email/fax notifications for business opportunities with Virginia State Agencies, Colleges and Universities, as well as many Local Governments. 

Vendor Invoice Submission

To ensure prompt and accurate payment vendors should send invoices directly to for processing.

Invoices may also be mailed to:
George Mason University
4400 University Drive MS 3C1
Fairfax, VA 22030

Goods or services must have been received AND the invoice (printed on company letterhead) must list:

  1. The purchase order number (starts with EP or E)
  2. Bill to “George Mason University”.
  3. The vendor supplies the invoice number
  4. The date of service and/or shipment
  5. Total amount billed
  6. Vendor remittance address
  • If purchase orders are $5,000 or less and items have been received or services have been performed, the order initiator may log in to eVA and complete the electronic receiving process. Completing this step will ensure that the payment process begins and the vendor will be paid timely.
  • If purchase orders are more than $5,000, Accounts Payable staff will email a request that the department/unit representative approve the invoice for payment.
  • Note: Invoices should not be mailed directly to ordering departments.