Become an eVA Vendor

Register in eVA

Vendors interested in conducting business with George Mason University and other state and local agencies are required to register with eVA.

Vendors are assessed a fee for each purchase transaction up to a capped dollar amount. More information on this fee schedule may be found on the eVA website at Vendor Fees.

Benefits for Vendors

  1. Vendors may publish a punchout catalog in eVA.
  2. Buyers will have an opportunity to view the vendor’s merchandise.
  3. Small, Women and Minority-owned (SWaM) businesses may have improved access to state procurement.
  4. The Prompt Payment Act requires agencies to pay a vendor within 30-days of receiving the goods/services or an invoice (whichever is later).
  5. The costs related to collecting fees and payments from buyers will be reduced when using eVA.
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