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Inclement Weather/Suspended Schedule(s)

Solicitation or proposal receipt deadlines and public openings scheduled during a period of suspended state business operations, including school closing due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for processing at the appropriate times on the next regular business day.

Solicitation General Terms and Conditions

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Current Open Solicitations

  1. GMU-1627-20, NHP Husbandry Cage Washing Services
    Addendum 1, GMU-1627-20
    Addendum 2, GMU-1627-20
  2. GMU-1657-20, Trademark Licensing Services
    Q&A, GMU-1657-20

Current Solicitations Under Review

  1. GMU-1608-20, Multi-Space Parking Meters (Parking Pay Stations)
  2. GMU-1600-20, Student Health Insurance
  3. GMU-1629-20, Process Improvement in the Financial Division
    Status Update, GMU-1629-20
    Status Update 2, GMU-1629-20
    Status Update 3, GMU-1629-20
  4. GMU-1636-20, Branding and Marketing Services
    Status Update, GMU-1636-20
    Status Update 2, GMU-1636-20
    Status Update 3, GMU-1636-20
  5. GMU-1632-20, Education Training Support
    Status Update, GMU-1632-20
    Status Update 2, GMU-1632-20
  6. GMU-1635-20, Test Prep Services
  7. GMU-1646-20, Research Administration Software
  8. GMU-1641-20, Online Career Resource Center
  9. GMU-1644-20, Health Care Delivery Models

Notice of Award

  1. GMU-1547-19, Data Management System for SSAC
  2. GMU-1613-20, Off-Campus Housing Online Database

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