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Inclement Weather/Suspended Schedule(s)

Solicitation or proposal receipt deadlines and public openings scheduled during a period of suspended state business operations, including school closing due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for processing at the appropriate times on the next regular business day.

Current Open Solicitations

Unless otherwise specified, George Mason University uses a procurement portal powered by Bonfire Interactive for accepting and evaluating bids and proposals. Visit to view Mason’s Current Open Solicitations. For assistance with registration or other technical questions related to Bonfire, contact or visit Bonfire’s help forum. To view solicitations without creating an account, visit Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO).

Current Solicitations Under Review

  1. GMU-1847-23, Energy Efficiency and Resiliency Action Plan (EERAP)
  2. GMU-1846-23, Ticketing System for the Center of Fine Arts & Hylton Performing Arts Center
  3. GMU-1842-23, Welding and Insulation Services
  4. GMU-1860-23, Learning Management System
  5. GMU-1822-23, Marketing & Digital Advertising Services Specializing in Arts & Entertainment
  6. GMU-1858-23, Application & Proposal Management Platform
  7. GMU-1859-23, Student Lifecycle Transformation

Awarded Solicitations (IFB/RFP)