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Inclement Weather/Suspended Schedule(s)

Solicitation or proposal receipt deadlines and public openings scheduled during a period of suspended state business operations, including school closing due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for processing at the appropriate times on the next regular business day.

Current Open Solicitations

  1. GMU-1700-21, IT Consulting
    Addendum 1 (Q&A), GMU-1700-21

Current Solicitations Under Review

  1. GMU-1632-20, Education Training Support
    Status Update, GMU-1632-20
    Status Update 2, GMU-1632-20
  2. GMU-1673-21, Sexual Misconduct Title IX Hearing and Appeal
  3. GMU-1657-20, Trademark Licensing Services
  4. GMU-1675-21, Turf Management
  5. GMU-1687-21, Interactive Collaboration & Content Sharing Tool
  6. GMU-1692-21, Creative & Marketing Services

    Awarded Solicitations (IFB/RFP)

    Notice of Cancellation