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Inclement Weather/Suspended Schedule(s)

Solicitation or proposal receipt deadlines and public openings scheduled during a period of suspended state business operations, including school closing due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for processing at the appropriate times on the next regular business day.

Solicitation General Terms and Conditions

George Mason University Solicitation General Terms and Conditions

Current Open Solicitations

  1. GMU-1475-18, Post Production Video Captioning and Transcription Services
    Attachment C, VASCUPP Zone Map & Instructions
    Attachment D, IT Security Questionnaire
    Attachment E, Corporate Accessibility Questionnaire
  2. GMU-1481-18, Videography Services
    Q&A, GMU-1481-18
  3. GMU-1486-18, Landscaping Grounds Maintenance – Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation
  4. GMU-1469-18, Sports Massage Therapy Services

Current Solicitations Under Review

  1. GMU-1404-17, University Registration Systems (TouchNet Ready Partners)
  2. GMU-1424-17, International Employer of Record Services
  3. GMU-1437-17, Ticketing System for the CFPA and Hylton Performing Arts Center
  4. GMU-1418-17, Crisis Management Services
  5. GMU-1460-18, Emergency Response Services for Collections Stabilization and Recovery

Notice of Award

  1. GMU-1445-17, Multi Platform Training

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