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Inclement Weather/Suspended Schedule(s)

Solicitation or proposal receipt deadlines and public openings scheduled during a period of suspended state business operations, including school closing due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for processing at the appropriate times on the next regular business day.

Solicitation General Terms and Conditions

George Mason University Solicitation General Terms and Conditions

Current Open Solicitations

  1. GMU-1423-17, Relocation Services
    Q&A, GMU-1423-17
  2. GMU-1429-17, Athletic Marketing Services
    Q&A, GMU-1429-17
  3. GMU-1418-17, Crisis Management Services
  4. GMU-1439-17, Certified Canine Inspections for Bed Bugs
  5. GMU-1434-17, Digital Advertising Services
  6. GMU-1438-17, Custodial Services for SMSC
    Attachment C – Cleaning Frequency & Task List
  7. GMU-1437-17, Ticketing System for the CFPA and Hylton Performing Arts Center

Current Solicitations Under Review

  1. GMU-1402-17, Data Analytics and Reporting Solution Services
  2. GMU-1358-16, Promotional T-Shirts and Apparel
  3. GMU-1415-17, Outdoor Speakers for Emergency Notification System
  4. GMU-1409-17, CVPA Concert Hall Infrastructure Replacement
  5. GMU-1421-17, Legislative Liaison Services
  6. GMU-1414-17, Multiple Facility Custodial Services
  7. GMU-1404-17, University Registration Systems (TouchNet Ready Partners)
  8. GMU-1420-14, Direct Mail Services
  9. GMU-1416-17, Charter Bus Services
  10. GMU-1417-17, Moving, Hauling and Storage Systems
  11. GMU-1424-17, International Employer of Record Services

Notice of Award

  1. GMU-1403-17, Stingray Welding LLC
  2. GMU-1433 -17, Linen Services

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