Change, Cancel & Return Purchases

If a departmental buyer changes or cancels an order, or returns some or all of the ordered items, in most cases, those changes should also be recorded in eVA to ensure accurate reporting and fee assessment.

When the change represents less than 10% of the order amount up to $199.99, the buyer is NOT required to enter the changed information in eVA.


Change an Order

A buyer may change any part of an order by adding or deleting items, or changing the quantity or price of items after submitting the order in eVA. The buyer should initiate a change order in eVA and call the vendor immediately to verify the
changes, referencing the new order number.

For a step-by-step process on how to change an order, review eVA Basic Manual.

Cancel an Order

If a buyer wishes to cancel an order after entering the order in eVA, he/she should log-in to eVA to cancel the order.

The buyer should also immediately contact the vendor by phone to confirm that he/she wishes to cancel the order and to verify that the vendor has received notification of the canceled order in eVA.

For a step-by-step process on how to cancel an order, review eVA Basic Manual.

Return an Order

The required process if a buyer wishes to return items after an order is received

  1. The buyer should contact the vendor to determine the process for the return.
  2. The vendor will provide instructions on the proper procedure for returning the items.
  3. If a buyer is unsuccessful in negotiating a return with a vendor, he/she may contact the Purchasing
    Office at 3-2580.

After Returning the Merchandise

  1. The buyer should follow up to ensure that a credit has been issued by the vendor to the appropriate P-Card account, a correct invoice received or a refund check processed.
  2. Process a change order in eVA following the guidelines available at eVA Basic Manual.

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