Ensure Vendor is Set Up in eVA & Banner

Before a Purchase Order can be created, the department user must verify the vendor is in the eVA and Banner systems and has been assigned a vendor identification number.


Search for a Vendor in eVA

The eVA homepage provides a vendor search. In addition to verifying that the vendor is registered with eVA, the user may determine if a vendor is SWAM certified, accepts the P-Card, and/or accepts orders electronically.

  1. Access the vendor search list prior to logging into the eVA system.
  2. At the bottom of the eVA Homepage under “Tools” click on “eVA Vendor List”
    • Search the listing by entering any portion of the vendor’s name. For example, if you want to find pizza suppliers, type “pizza” in the search field. This will bring up all related locations and vendor names.

Ensure Vendor is in Banner


Does the Vendor Accept Credit Cards or Electronic Orders

eVA search specifies the vendor’s acceptance of credit cards or electronic orders.

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, a “Y” in the “Accepts Elect Ordering” column indicates that the vendor will accept electronic orders
    • An “N” in that field indicates that the vendor will not accept electronic orders.
  • Selecting the Vendor ID will give additional details on the vendor including a contact number and name for the vendor.

Orders to Non-eVA Registered Vendors

Purchasing from Foreign Vendors/Payments to Foreign National

Any purchase from a foreign vendor must be reviewed by the International Tax Office in Fiscal Services before the purchase order is issued.

The IRS W-8Ben form should be requested from first-time vendors. Additional information is available at the International Tax page.

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