Make a Purchase Over $5,000

Required Process for Purchases of $5,000 or More

Purchases exceeding the $5,000 departmental limitation are processed through the Purchasing Office. The purchaser will enter the order in eVA as a catalog or non-catalog order. If the P-Card is the default payment method, the Use P-Card box should be unchecked on the Title screen. Once the order has been approved by the unit approver, it is transmitted electronically to the Purchasing Office where it will be assigned to a purchasing office buyer. The Purchasing Office Buyer will then place the order.

The departmental purchaser should:

  • Enter the order in eVA in a manner similar to other orders. (See eVA Manual)
  • Add any comments in the Comments field that might assist the purchasing office buyer to complete the purchase.
  • Attach any quotes or drawings or pictures of the desired items to the requisition by clicking the Add Attachment button and selecting the appropriate documents.
  • Check the box next to “mark as Proprietary and Confidential” in both the Comments and Add Attachment sections.

This will ensure that the comments and/or attachments are seen only by the Purchasing Office Buyer and not by the vendor(s) being considered for the purchase.

  1. Once the eVA order is approved, it is assigned to a Purchasing Office Buyer electronically.
  2. The Buyer will then issue a Purchase Order to complete the procurement and notify the initiator via email.
  3. Once the Purchasing Office Buyer becomes involved, the departmental buyer may view, but not change, the order.
  4. Most goods purchased with a Purchase Order are delivered initially to Central Receiving, where they are inspected, bar-coded, received in Banner and delivered to the final destination as specified in the requisition.
  5. Regardless of the amount of the purchase, a Purchase Order must be placed before the items are ordered or services are rendered.

Department purchasers must not initiate the Purchase Order process to pay for items after they have been received or after services have been rendered.

Vendors must be self-registered or state-entered in eVA before a requisition may be submitted. Once the vendor is registered or state-entered, complete the step-by-step requisition process noted in the eVA Manual.