Understand Contract Administration

Contract administration is an important part of the procurement and contract process.

Required Process:

  1. A Contract Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the vendor fulfills its obligation in accordance with the contract terms and/or statement of work.
  2. As a result, multi-year purchase orders and/or contracts must designate a Contract Administrator and list his/her assigned duties.
  3. the Purchasing Office Buyer will send a formal memo to the Contract Administrator enumerating his/her duties and responsibilities prior to the issuance of the contract.
  4. For term contracts, the Purchasing Office Buyer will contact the Contract Administrator approximately 90 days prior to the expiration of the contract to request an evaluation of the vendor’s performance and make a determination if the contract should be renewed.
  5. The Purchasing Office Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the Contract Administrator is fulfilling his/her obligations as Contract Administrator.
  6. Prior to award the buyer must establish a procedure whereby the Purchasing Office Buyer and the Contract Administrator
    will have regularly scheduled meetings, correspondences, evaluations, etc.
  7. It will be the Purchasing Office Buyer’s discretion to determine the method and frequency.
  8. The buyer should obtain a written contract evaluation every six months for all term contracts.
  9. The contract file must be constantly updated to document actions taken, if any, as a result of the individual
    contract administration compliance plan.