Use a P – Card

The small purchase charge card – or P-Card – provides Mason employees with the opportunity to streamline procedures for procuring and paying for small-dollar goods and services by eliminating vendor invoices and consolidating payments. 

Who can apply? Only full or part-time employees are eligible for a P-Card. Contract workers and student workers are not eligible.

How to Apply? Before a P-Card will be issued, the employee must complete the on-demand training available here. Once this has been completed, fill out and submit the P-Card Application.

Reporting and Reconciliation. Cardholders are required to maintain accurate records and reconcile charges on a monthly basis through Bank of America Works. Keep these records for a minimum of three years in the cardholder’s department or ten years if charging sponsored research funds. These departmental records will also be used for Fund/Org reconciliations. 

Purchasing Office.  The Purchasing Office’s webpage provides detailed information when making a purchase on behalf of George Mason University. It is very important that you review this page and the available links for information on what is an allowable purchase (Can I Purchase…?), considering mandatory and specialized purchases, and available institution contracts among many other helpful resources. 

To Complete a P-Card Purchase through eVA

  1. Register the P-Card with eVA (see P-Card Manual).
  2. Identify an eVA vendor that sells the required good or services and accepts a credit card as a form of payment.
  3. Create a requisition in eVA for the items desired. Select the P-Card as the payment method and enter the Allocation information in eVA. 
  4. Save a copy of the eVA order (PCO) and retain it with other original documentation such as receipts, packing slips, etc.
  5. Sign in to Bank of America Works and allocate the transaction to the correct fund/org and account before the monthly deadline. Enter the full PCO#.
  6. Ensure that the P-Card Supervisor approves the transaction in Bank of America Works before the deadline.

Purchase Directly with the Vendor

 A cardholder may pay for goods/services directly with the vendor using their P-Card. In cases where a vendor’s website contains essential ordering details making it a more efficient method of purchasing, cardholders may place the order directly with the vendor at their place of business, over-the-counter, over the phone, or through the vendor’s website’s secure payment portal.

  1. Inform the vendor that you are purchasing on behalf of the university and are tax-exempt.
  2. Retain receipts for the purchase.
  3. Sign in to Bank of America Works and allocate the transaction to the correct fund/org and account before the monthly deadline.
  4. Ensure that the P-Card Supervisor approves the transaction before the monthly deadline.

Lost or Stolen P-Card

If the card is lost or stolen, immediately notify Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 so that the compromised account will be closed.
The cardholder must also notify the <a href=””> P-Card Administrator</a> to have a new card generated.

Auditor Review

These records are subject to periodic reviews by Mason’s P-Card Program Administrator and Internal Audit staff, as well as audits conducted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Commonwealth of Virginia auditors typically look for specific information when reviewing records including: no sales tax has been charged, no questionable items were purchased, no signatures are missing and that documentation is complete. Records that must be presented in a review or audit include all original receipts and packing slips, as well as copies of any and all waivers, Travel Pre Approvals, list of attendees or travelers, and eVA purchase orders.
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