Bank of America Works

The Bank of America Works website provides cardholders with an electronic allocation and approval process. This website also allows the cardholder to monitor their spending and retrieve various reports.

Login to Bank of America Works

Instructions for generating Bank of America Works purchase log report.

For assistance with Bank of America Works please contact the P-Card Program Administrator.

For questions regarding a credit denial, fraud, or other lost/stolen card please contact Bank of America at 1-800-449-2273


State policy requires the total amount of the University’s P-Card invoice to be paid in full each month. An individual using the P-Card is responsible for reconciling his/her records with those of Bank of America. The following procedures describe the requirements for all purchases using the P-Card.

Monthly Reconciliation & Reporting

Departments should reconcile the monthly P-Card transactions by following the same reconciliation procedure as used to reconcile direct expenditures for non-P-Card purchases. Information on the reconciliation policy and procedures can be found here.

The Bank of America Purchase Log report may be used by the P-cardholder and/or supervisor to assist with P-Card reconciliation. This report is not required and should not be submitted to the P-Card office. Please refer to the Instructions for Generating Bank of America Works Purchase Log Report

Cardholder Responsibilities

The cardholder is responsible for allocating P-Card transactions posted to Bank of America Works to the correct fund/org and account codes. Allocation instructions are available on the Cardholder Quick Guide. If the P-Card transactions posted to Bank of America Works are not allocated, the cardholder must initiate a Journal Voucher to transfer the funds to the correct fund/org and account.

Approver Responsibilities

The approver is responsible for reviewing the allocation completed by the cardholder, verifying the appropriateness of the transaction and ensuring that required receipts are attached. Instructions are available on the Approver Quick Guide.

Incorrect Allocation or Non-Approval in Bank of America Works

A transaction that is not allocated to a fund/org and account will post to the suspended transaction account (74093) in the cardholder’s default fund/org. The cardholder will be responsible for creating a Journal Voucher to transfer the funds to the correct fund/org and account code. A cardholder whose transactions are not allocated and approved by the monthly deadline may have his/her P-Card suspended until approval is received. The P-Card office should be notified once a transaction is approved and the accompanying Journal Voucher has been submitted.

If misuse is identified, the approver must still approve the transaction in Bank of America and provide a ‘comment’ to detail the consequences for the cardholder and repayment must be made. Further action may be required.
If fraudulent activity is discovered the transactions should be disputed with Bank of America directly.


Credits that are posted to the P-Card must be allocated in Ban of America Works. The cardholder and approver should follow the same procedures as allocating a charge transaction.

Dispute a P-Card Charge

Correct P-Card Discrepancies

  1. Cardholder must coordinate any discrepancies with the billed amount directly with the vendor.
  2. Cardholders are responsible for follow-up and resolution of any discrepancies or disputes.
  3. In most cases, discrepancies will be resolved directly between the cardholder and the supplier of the goods or services.
  4. Once a credit is issued to the P-Card. The Cardholder must sign into Bank of America Works and allocate the credit transaction.

Return an Item

The cardholder must use the following guidelines when returning an item:

  1. When an item must be returned, the cardholder must send it back to the supplier in the agreed upon manner.
  2. The vendor should issue a credit for the item that has been returned. In most instances, this credit will appear on the cardholders Bank of America Works transaction list.
  3. Documentation of the return (such as a credit receipt) should be issued by the vendor.
  4. All documentation pertaining to returns must be kept on file for reconciliation of the corresponding fund/org and account.
  5. If the cardholder and the vendor are unable to resolve an issue, the cardholder should use Bank of America Works to dispute the charge.
  6. Disputes cannot be discussed over the phone.