P-Card Maintenance and Additional Information

Cardholders are required to maintain accurate records and reconcile charges on a monthly basis through Bank of America Works. Keep these records for a minimum of three years in the cardholder’s department or ten years if charging sponsored research funds. These are departmental records and will also be used for Fund/Org reconciliations. 

P-Card Maintenance Form
Use the P-Card Maintenance Form to make a change to a cardholder’s profile including approver changes, limit increases, restriction lifts (such as Food and Beverage/F&B), or to close an account.

Lost or Stolen P-Card

If the card is lost or stolen, immediately notify Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 so that the compromised account will be closed.
The cardholder must also notify the P-Card Administrator to have a new card generated.

Auditor Review

These records are subject to periodic reviews by Mason’s P-Card Program Administrator and Internal Audit staff, as well as audits conducted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Commonwealth of Virginia auditors typically look for specific information when reviewing records including: no sales tax has been charged, no questionable items were purchased, no signatures are missing and that documentation is complete. Records that must be presented in a review or audit include all original receipts and packing slips, as well as copies of any and all waivers, Food & Beverage Authorization forms, Travel Authorization forms, list of attendees or travelers, and eVA purchase orders.