Recruiting Services

The Purchasing Department has awarded contracts for Recruiting Services. Awards were made in one or both categories of Retained or Contingency Searches. The selected vendors have prior experience placing Director and Executive level positions in Higher Ed. Contracts were negotiated with a fixed fee percentage, no administrative charges, favorable payment terms, and a minimum six-month replacement guarantee. The fee percentage is based on the first-year base salary.

Retained and Contingency are defined as the follows:

  • Retained Search: The vendor is paid on a schedule and is exclusively used to find a candidate.
  • Contingency Search: The vendor is paid only when their candidate is hired; if their candidate is not picked, no payments are made. Multiple vendors may be used in the search. 

Instructions for Ordering

Departments are encouraged to obtain two proposals/quotes, including at least one SWaM vendor, from the list below or VASCUPP contracted vendors: The quotes/proposals must be at or below the negotiated rate. When practical, units should negotiate a cap on total fees for high-dollar placements and, when present, rejection of administrative charges, payment terms that require payment before services are rendered or “indirect” fees. Enter the order into eVA with an estimate of the expected fee to be paid before any services are rendered. 

Recruiting Services

These vendors have contracted with Mason to provide Recruiting Services. Departments are required to use a vendor that is under contract.