Resources & Procedures

Resource Name Department Purpose of the ResourceRelated Data
Banner Finance and ReconciliationTraining Provides instructions on obtaining information about budget, revenues, expenditures, commitments and available balances for the his/her area of fiscal responsibility.
Banner Finance Quick ReferenceTraining Helps users quickly access and navigate the Self-Service and e~Print reporting tools in Banner Finance.Banner Self-Service
Basic eVA Purchasing ManualPurchasingA resource for individuals who purchase goods and services at Mason that are required to be purchased via the Virginia’s electronic procurement system (eVA). Purchase Goods or Services
Cash Transactions
Payment Card Control and Security
Cashier's OfficeA guide to collecting, depositing, and reconciling departmental cash, check and credit card receipts. Procedures for securing Payment Card data.
University Policy 2110 - Payment Card Security
Commonly Used ContractsPurchasingPurchasing provides support to departments through the establishment of agency contracts. These often include very favorable prices and may be used by all departments.

Search for an Existing Contract
Contract Addendum
Contract Addendum Instructions
PurchasingThe Contract Form Addendum to Contractor’s Form (hereafter called “addendum”) is designed to assist departments in ensuring Mason’s contracts comply with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as many standard clauses typically found in commercial contracts cannot be accepted. When executing contracts for the procurement of goods and services with vendors that require Mason to accept/sign a proposal, quote or other form of agreement, use the addendum to “cancel out” or invalidate the prohibitive terms and conditions. The addendum is meant to cover most common prohibitive terms but may not cover all.Make a purchase of $5,000 or less
Departmental Banner LiaisonsFinance Administrative System Team (FAST)A list of Department Banner Liaisons for departments who need the Banner Access Request Form signed to obtain access to Banner products.Banner Access Request Form

Banner Access Request Instructions
Consulting InstructionsPurchasingSteps for purchasing academic or research consulting services with costs less than $50,000 and more than $50,000. Buy Specialized Procurement by Category
Equipment ProceduresEquipment Inventory A guide for departmental equipment liaisons covering the life cycle of equipment. Equipment Inventory Section
Equipment Surplus Initiator Quick ReferenceEquipment Inventory Step-by-step instructions for submitting a workflow request for Surplus to pick-up equipment no longer used by a department.Equipment Surplus Workflow
Fiscal Orientation Controller's Office Provides an overview of Fiscal policies and procedures for employees who require knowledge of financial processes.
Provides necessary supporting data to the Recharge Committee for the approval and establishment of a recharge rate.Recharge
Inventory of Recharge RatesController's Office Provides a listing of all recharge centers, a brief description of the recharge activity, their current approved recharge rate, as well as a point of contact for each recharge center.Recharge
MicroStrategy for Reconciliation User GuideTrainingInstructions for using MicroStrategy for Reconciliation
New Org Request User ManualGeneral Accounting Instructions for using workflow to request the creation of a new org in the chart of accounts.Workflow section
Ordering Catering ServicesCampus CateringUseful website on providing food for your event.
Petty Cash Funds - Department ProceduresAccounts PayablePrescribes the policies and procedure relating to the establishment, administration, and discontinuance of petty cash funds. Request Petty Cash
Petty Cash Guidelines for Research Subject Testing FeesAccounts PayablePrescribes guidelines of using a Petty Cash Fund to pay one-time research subject incentives in a research project. Petty Cash Funds for Research Subject Incentives
MicroStrategy PI Reports Quick GuideTraining A step-by-step guide to review MicroStrategy PI Reports that assist Principal Investigators and Grant Administrators in monitoring a project budget.
Purchase Cardholder ManualPurchasingProvides a general overview of Mason purchasing card (P-Card), its policies and various procedures. Use a P – Card
P-Card Quick Guide for ApproversPurchasingQuick reference document detailing the process to electronically approve charges and allocations made to the George Mason Visa card.
P-Card Quick Guide for CardholdersPurchasingQuick reference document detailing the process to electronically allocate charges made to the George Mason Visa card.Use a P – Card
Purchasing Made EasyPurchasingProvides instructions to purchase goods and services; request checks for conference expenses and honorarium payments less than $2,000; and purchase from Patriot Tech and Mason Bookstore. Purchase Goods or Services
Purchasing Snapshot (Purchasing Guidelines)
Purchasing Provides an easy way to understand summary of State and Mason-specific purchasing rules.Understand the Procurement Methods
Recharge Prior Year ReconciliationController's Office Provides necessary supporting data for the Recharge Committee to review annual expenses net of recharge activity. Helps provide guidance and support for changes to the current recharge rate.Recharge
Scholarship and Fellowship Payments to Foreign NationalsInternational TaxProvides an overview of IRS tax rules and document requirements for Scholarship payments to Foreign Nationals. Scholarship & fellowship payment process
Service Center GuidanceController's Office Provides a definition of a Service Center, as well as a description of the Recharge rate development and the expectations of the School/College housing the Recharge activity.Recharge
TraQ Express - Web Query HelpEquipment Inventory Describes the capabilities of the TraQExpress web-query system. The web-version of TraQ enables departments to monitor and update their equipment recorded in the George Mason University inventory database.
Utilize the TraQ Database
TraQ Express Web-Client Access Request FormEquipment Inventory Access to the TraQ Express Web System
Utilize the TraQ Database
Travel Policies and ProceduresTravel An extensive resource for individuals traveling on official
business at George Mason University
Travel section
Travel Reimbursements to Foreign NationalsInternational TaxProvides an overview of IRS tax rules and document requirements for travel reimbursements to Foreign Nationals. Travel reimbursements to foreign nationals
TRS Electronic Approval GuideTravelThe quick guide provides step by step instruction to electronically approve travel authorization and reimbursement documents.Travel Request System
Travel Request System (TRS) User GuideTravel The User Guide explains the purpose of the TRS and provides a step-by-step processes to access it and complete travel authorization and reimbursement requests. Travel Request System
Travel Request System (TRS) Getting StartedTravel Provides information on how to establish a delegate with the Travel Request System for new users and how to update information and change delegate for previous users. Travel Request System