Fiscal Learning and Engagement

About Us: 

The Fiscal Services Learning and Engagement team strives to empower all employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to be good stewards of university funds. Training and development opportunities are available through both virtual and in-person learning, walk-in sessions, lunch and learns, and published guides. Employees are encouraged to join our community of practice, the Fiscal Support and Connections Network (FSCN), to collaborate with peers and provide feedback on fiscal policies and procedures. Please visit the FSCN Group page for the meeting schedule and information. 

On-Demand Training for Access Based Systems

The required trainings(s) for system access are noted below. Users will register and complete each session in MasonLEAPS. Sessions are asynchronous and available online at any time. Please visit MasonLEAPS to register and complete on-demand training.

eVA Access and P-Card Requests

  1. Purchasing Made Easy – Access Based Training – 2-hour, on-demand, self-paced training that is required in order to obtain a P-Card and includes a review of Purchasing, eVA and P-Card uses and systems. Click here to login. If the link does not open, sign into MasonLEAPS and search for “Purchasing Made Easy – Access Based Training.” 

Mason Finance Gateway (MFG) Access

  1. Mandatory Navigation training for the travel and expense reimbursement system, provides an overview of how to navigating the MFG system. 

2022 Boot Camp Recorded Sessions

All sessions of the 2022 Boot Camp on Fiscal Transformation are now available in MasonLEAPS. To find session presentations and view recorded trainings please visit 

Beyond the Boot Camp Sessions

These lunch ‘n learn style sessions will focus on topics from the 2022 Boot Camp on Fiscal Transformation. To register and learn more please visit 

NEW! Mason Fiscal Administrator Certificate (MFAC)

Beginning July 2022 – Registration now open! 4-Weekly sessions leading up to a Fiscal Administrator Certificate (issued by Fiscal Services). Sessions will be in a hybrid format for in-person and virtual attendance. Spring schedules may be modified based on feedback from the initial series. Upon completion of the Fiscal Administrator Certificate program, employees will have in-depth knowledge of Fiscal policies, procedures, and financial systems. This program is the first step in becoming a professional in Fiscal administration at Mason.

Sample MFAC  Schedule 

Week 1  

  • Pre-Work: Purchasing Made Easy (On-Demand training), Fiscal Basics Manual, Purchasing Made Easy Manual 
  • Instructor Led: 2 Hours on Friday (purchasing, intro to budgets) Breakout room Scenario solving. 

Week 2 

  • Pre-Work: eVA/P-Card Navigation (On-Demand training), eVA Manual, P-Card Manual 
  • Instructor Led: 2 Hours on Friday (eVA, P-Card scenarios) Breakout room Scenario solving.  

Week 3 

  • Pre-Work: Basic MFG Navigation (On-Demand training), Travel, Meals and Entertainment Manual 
  • Instructor Led: 2 Hours on Friday (Travel planning, food & beverage, event planning) Breakout room Scenario solving.  

Week 4 

  • Pre-Work: Budget 101 (online training). Financial Management Manual 
  • Instructor Led: 2 hours on Friday (Reconciliation, record keeping, budget forecasting) Breakout room Scenario solving.