Fiscal Training and Communication

The Fiscal Services Training and Communication department strives to empower all employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to be good stewards of university funds. Training opportunities are available through both virtual and in-person learning, walk-in sessions, lunch and learns, and published guides. Employees are encouraged to join our community of practice, the Fiscal Support and Connections Network (FSCN), to collaborate with peers and provide feedback on fiscal policies and procedures. Please visit the FSCN Group page for the meeting schedule and information. 

Fiscal Administration Sessions

Fiscal Services is committed to the successful management of university funds and dedicated to providing employees with the understanding and ability to accurately perform their fiscal duties. Upon completion of the Fiscal Administration Program employees will have a basic understanding of Fiscal policies, procedures, and financial systems. This program is the first step in becoming a professional in Fiscal Administration at Mason.

Session 1 – Introduction to Mason Finance and Reconciliation

An introduction to Mason’s financial structure, key terms and processes, as well as a demo/instruction for Banner Finance Self-Service and Mason’s Business Intelligence tool – MicroStrategy. Attendees will gain knowledge of reconciliation practices, University Policy 2114, and the important processes for financial administration and reconciliation. The first orientation session provides an introduction to the financial processes at Mason as well as instruction and hands-on practice with Mason’s financial software, Banner Finance Self-Service, Mason’s Business Intelligence tool, MicroStrategy and reconciliation requirements.

Session 2 – Purchasing Made Easy and Navigating Fiscal Systems

An in-depth overview of the policies, procedures, and systems for purchasing goods and services, special purchasing categories, and contract administration at Mason. Attendees will gain knowledge of Virginia’s electronic procurement system – eVA, policies related to Mason’s small purchase credit card (P-Card), as well as the process for electronically allocating P-Card transactions in Bank of America Works. Completion of Fiscal Administration Session 2 is required before faculty/staff may receive a Mason P-Card.

Session 3 – Expense Reimbursements and the Mason Finance Gateway

An analysis of University Policy 2101, focused on specific procedures for travel, food and beverage, and business-related reimbursements. Attendees will gain knowledge of the process for creating travel pre-approvals and travel/ business expense reimbursements for Mason Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests using the Mason Finance Gateway.

Additional Course Descriptions

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Annual Equipment Inventory
Offered annually

This workshop prepares department equipment liaisons for the current year inventory. Participants are provided with an overview of the equipment policies and procedures, as well as the duties involved in accounting for equipment. A demonstration of running reports in TraQ will be included along with an introduction to the new inventory scanners.

Introduction to International Tax
Offered annually

This workshop provides an overview of the International Tax Policy as it relates to travel reimbursements, scholarships/fellowships, honorariums and payments to foreign vendors. Procedures for the completion of forms and required documentation for the International Tax Office will be highlighted. A representative from the International Tax office will be present to answer specific questions.

TouchNet Marketplace Training
Offered monthly 

This training is required for all employees who will manage and/or utilize the online payment portal, Mason Marketplace, to collect funds for their department. Attendees will learn how to establish and manage an online storefront along with the rules and regulations associated with securing payment card data. 

PI Report and Reconciliation
Offered by the Office of Sponsored Programs

This hands-on session will provide an overview of the PI Report in MicroStrategy, which displays Banner financial data for sponsored projects. The PI Report provides a summary for sponsored project funds with the ability to view details for all charges including personnel and direct expenditures. Fund by Month, Reconciliation by Fund, and data export options will also be reviewed. The GMU reconciliation policy, overall reconciliation process, sample templates to track both personnel transactions and direct expenditures, and sample reconciliations will be reviewed. A computer will be provided for each attendee to navigate through the reports.

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