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Fiscal Services provides employees, who will assume financial responsibilities, with training on financial systems and procedures at Mason. Employees are encouraged to attend as many times as needed.

Click on Course Descriptions for a detailed explanation of courses offered or training calendars to view scheduled courses.

Fiscal Orientation

New employees are encouraged to attend the Fiscal Orientation sequence 1, 2 and 3 (but may attend whenever their schedules permit). Individuals who attend Fiscal Orientation 1 will receive an orientation binder which includes resources for each training course. Click the orientation session below to view additional details.

Fiscal Orientation 1 - Financial Transactions & Reconciliation

The first orientation session provides an introduction to the financial processes at Mason as well as instruction and hands-on practice with Mason’s financial software, Banner Finance Self-Service, Mason’s Business Intelligence tool, MicroStrategy and reconciliation requirements.

  • Courses for Fiscal Orientation 1 include: Intro to Financial Transactions, Banner Finance and MicroStrategy for Reconciliation

Fiscal Orientation 2 - Basic eVA Purchasing & P-Card Allocation

The second orientation session builds on the knowledge from session one and includes an overview of Mason policies for purchasing goods and services. Instruction related to completing purchase orders in eVA, Virginia’s electronic procurement system, is followed by guided practice. The policies related to Mason’s small purchase credit card (P-Card) as well as the process for electronically allocating P-Card purchase transactions in the Bank of America Works software are also discussed. Completion of Fiscal Orientation 2 is required before faculty/staff may receive a Mason P-Card.

  • Courses for Fiscal Orientation 2 include: Basic eVA Purchasing and P-Cardholder Training

Fiscal Orientation 3 - Travel, Food and Beverage, & Purchasing Made Easy

The third orientation session focuses on specialized purchases. Included are a summary of Mason Travel policies, procedures for utilizing Mason’s electronic travel software, Travel Request System, guidelines for purchasing food and beverage items using Mason funds including the Retail Sales and Use Tax. Instruction for special payments such as honorarium, as well as contracts and mandatory vendors are also discussed.

  • Courses for Fiscal Orientation 3 include: Travel, Food, and Beverage Purchasing and Purchasing Made Easy

Course Descriptions

Current employees may register for specific classes individually as needed. Additional course descriptions are listed below.

Annual Equipment Inventory
Offered annually

This workshop prepares department equipment liaisons for the current year inventory by providing the schedule and estimated dates for each building to be surveyed. Participants are provided with an overview of the equipment policies and procedures, as well as the duties involved in accounting for equipment. A representative of the University Police Department will discuss reporting lost or stolen equipment and provide tips on securing equipment to minimize losses.

Banner Finance
Offered monthly

This hands-on training session provides an overview of Mason’s Banner Finance system and how it is used to present financial transaction data. A guided activity allows participants to utilize Banner Finance Self-Service, e-Print and MicroStrategy to gather financial reports and perform budget queries to access financial activity data relative to their unit.

Basic eVA Purchasing
Offered twice a month
New P-Cardholders must complete Basic eVA Purchasing and P-Cardholder Training before a small purchase card (P-Card) will be issued.

This hands-on training session provides an overview of eVA, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s automated procurement system. Participants receive instruction on how to utilize the system for the purchase of goods and services using their P-card and/or Mason direct billing. A guided activity allows participants to gain experience with the system by simulating several ordering processes and payment situations.

Food and Beverage Expenditures
Offered monthly

This workshop provides detailed explanations of the procedures involved with the purchase of food and beverage following University Policy 2102, Food and Beverage Expenditures. Participants receive step-by-step instruction related to completing the “Food and Beverage Authorization” form and payment methods.

Introduction to International Tax
Offered annually

This workshop provides an overview of the International Tax Policy as it relates to travel reimbursements, scholarships/fellowships, honorariums and payments to foreign vendors. Procedures for the completion of forms and required documentation for the International Tax Office will be highlighted. A representative from the International Tax office will be present to answer specific questions.

MicroStrategy for Reconciliation
Offered monthly

This workshop provides an overview of the MicroStrategy tool used for reconciliation of department/unit orgs that are not related to sponsored research projects. A review of University Policy 2114, Reconciling Department and Sponsored Fund Accounting Records, is included as well as examples of how to get started with reconciliation. A guided activity and individual practice allows participants to become familiar with MicroStrategy and the reconciliation process

P-Cardholder Training
Offered twice a month
New cardholders must complete Basic eVA Purchasing and P-Cardholder Training before a small purchase card (P-Card) will be issued.

This workshop provides an overview of state policies and procedures related to P-Card purchases for goods and services less than $5,000. Participants will learn how to utilize the Bank of America Works system to allocate their transactions, how to register their card with eVA (Virginia’s electronic procurement system) and best practices for responsible P-Card use.

Purchasing Made Easy
Offered monthly

This workshop provides an overview of the policies and procedures for purchasing goods and services including those costing more than $5,000. Guidance on when to process a Payment Request form will also be provided. A brief review of the process for making purchases with eVa and/or using the P-Card is included. Procedures for special purchasing categories such as, consulting and honorarium payments are also discussed.

PI Report and Reconciliation
Offered by the Office of Sponsored Programs

This hands-on session will provide an overview of the PI Report in MicroStrategy, which displays Banner financial data for sponsored projects. The PI Report provides a summary for sponsored project funds with the ability to view details for all charges including personnel and direct expenditures. Fund by Month, Reconciliation by Fund, and data export options will also be reviewed. The GMU reconciliation policy, overall reconciliation process, sample templates to track both personnel transactions and direct expenditures, and sample reconciliations will be reviewed. A computer will be provided for each attendee to navigate through the reports.

Travel Training
Offered monthly

This workshop provides a detailed explanation of University Policy 2101, Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Policies. Instruction will be provided on how to utilize the Travel Request System, a web-based application, to create Travel Authorizations and Travel Reimbursement Vouchers. A guided activity will provide participants with the opportunity to complete a Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement Voucher.

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