Covington Travel Services

Procurement of travel services through any internet travel service provider is permitted (i.e., Travelocity, Expedia). Travelers should use caution and prudent judgment when choosing an Internet travel service site. Hidden fees, significant prepayments or nonrefundable advances may apply that may not be reimbursable.

The following payment methods may be used:

  • Travel Charge Card (Individual Liability)- may be used for all types of purchases (i.e., hotel, transportation, etc.) The full Travel Charge Card balance is paid by the traveler on a monthly basis regardless of reimbursement status.
  • P-Card – may ONLY be used for transportation tickets (airline, rail) to primary destination. May not be used for local travel such as shuttle, metro or taxi.
  • Personal Credit Card – may be used for all types of purchases. Reimbursement is requested after the trip is completed. In many cases, a Travel Authorization must be completed prior to the trip to authorize use of state funds.

When travel services are procured via the internet, the following supplemental documentation must be attached to the transaction in the Mason Finance Gateway.

  • All pages of the confirmation document generated when internet reservation is complete showing total cost and class of service (e.g. coach, business class) for electronic tickets.
  • Passenger receipt (ticket stub) when paper ticket is issued.

Covington Travel

901 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219-4057
Phone: 804-344-3244 or 1-888-344-3244
Normal Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 8 PM EST, Monday-Friday
After Hours Emergency Helpline: 1-877-685-4762 – Use ID Code CU2
Email and Booking Assistance:

Covington provides an online portal to book travel.  To request access to the portal send an email to Please refer to the Covington Online Booking Resource Guide for assistance with the portal.

Payment for Travel: The traveler will provide payment to Covington Travel. Options include the Purchasing Charge Card (P-Card), the Travel Charge Card or a personal credit card. Covington Travel can direct bill airfare in excess of $5,000 to a centralized Mason Travel Card. A fee will be added to the cost of each airline ticket purchased. Covington Travel may also be contacted for domestic and international lodging and rental car reservations.

*Please note that Covington service fees are significantly reduced when using their Online Booking tool. Click here for the Covington Online Booking Resources.

Travel Service Providers Cost ComparisonCovington Travel
CATEGORY OF SERVICEService Fee (per traveler)
Domestic- Booked by Phone
Combined Air/Hotel/Car$28
Domestic Air Ticket Only$28
Domestic Hotel Reservation Onlyno charge
Domestic Car Reservation Onlyno charge
Domestic After Hours Assistanceno charge
Domestic Group Travel
Per-Ticket Fee for Group on Commercial airfare (10+ Tickets)
Bus Reservation with or without group air booking
Hotel Reservation with or without a group air booking
International-Booked by Phone
International Combined Air/Hotel/Car$28
International Air Ticket Only$28
International Hotel Reservation Onlyno charge
International Car Reservation Onlyno charge
International Rail Reservation Onlyno charge
International After Hours Assistanceno charge
International Group Travel
Per-Ticket Fee for Group on Commercial airfare (10+ Tickets)
Bus Reservation without group air booking
Hotel Reservation without a group air booking
Domestic/ International Online Booking Tool
Airline Booking$9
Car or Hotel only without Airline Booking$4
Online Booking - Agent Assisted