Host a Candidate

When hosting an employment candidate, departments are encouraged to arrange for the candidate’s transportation (air or rail) and lodging costs to be billed directly to Mason. Items that cannot be billed directly to Mason, may be reimbursed to the candidate after the interview/trip has been completed. Please note that Mason Finance Gateway is currently used for reimbursements only. If your Pre-Approval includes P-card purchases, or are otherwise not reimbursable, you must delete those line items from the Expense report.

The Candidate Letter provides state travel rules and information that may be helpful for the candidate. Departments may send the candidate a link or hard copy of this letter.


  1. Please view the Student and Non-Employee Reimbursement Guide for instructions on how to process student, candidate, and other non-employee reimbursements through the Mason Finance Gateway.
  2. All payees must have a G-number in order to receive a reimbursement. Students, candidates and other non-employees do not have access to the system. Ask the candidate to complete and submit the Substitute W-9 through the online portal and list your name as the “Mason Contact.” Once received, a G-number will be created for the candidate. For non-U.S. citizens, please follow instructions for International Travelers.
  3. Mason users will complete a reimbursement on their behalf by selecting Candidate/Non-employee on the Expense Report, searching for their G-number, adding reimbursable expenses, and uploading receipts. Reimbursements are routed directly to the Org Approver, and when applicable to the International Tax Office, Office of Sponsored Programs, and/or the Office or Research Integrity and Assurance.
    • After the interview/trip is completed, the department delegate should initiate a Reimbursement in the Mason Finance Gateway. Receipts should be obtained from the candidate (for reimbursable items) and uploaded to the Reimbursement.
  4. Once the Travel Reimbursement is fully approved, the Travel Office will review the request and then issue payment to the candidate.

The following items should be paid by Mason directly (Mason P-Card or eVA Purchase Order)

  • Airfare or train transportation may be paid on the P-Card
  • Lodging – Select accommodations from Local Lodging contracts are paid by eVA Purchase Order. Instructions for Local Lodging is available here.

The following items may be reimbursed to the candidate after the interview/trip is completed

  • Meals (within Per Diem Rates)
  • Secondary transportation, such as taxi, metro, parking/tolls or rental car
  • Mileage, as appropriate
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