Travel Charging Sponsored Project Funding

The dollar limitations on lodging, meals and incidental expenses in conjunction with an overnight trip, and transportation also apply to travel conducted in support of grants and contracts sponsored by outside agencies unless the underlying grant or contract specifically provides different reimbursement policies or rates.
Authorizations and vouchers applying this exception must contain a statement to this effect signed by the Principal Investigator and the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs. Principal Investigators (PIs) and unit administrators should review award budgets and travel restrictions to ensure travel costs charged to sponsored funding are allowable.

Traveling on Federal Funds

Additionally, when federal funds are used, provisions of the Fly America Act are applicable and foreign travel is restricted to a U.S. air carrier unless extenuating circumstances apply and are approved in advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Exceptions may be made when using a U.S. air carrier rather than a foreign carrier would:
  1. Increase the number of aircraft changes made in route by two or more,
  2. Extend the travel time by six hours or more, or
  3. Require a connecting time of four hours or more at an overseas interchange point.

Cost is Not an Exception

Cost is not considered a reason for exception under this federal regulation, and travelers will not be reimbursed for any transportation cost when there is improper use of a foreign air carrier.

Travelers are required to indicate the name of the air carrier for international travel when federal funds are charged.

For Additional Questions

Questions regarding travel to be charged to sponsored projects should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs at ext. 3-4806.

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