Exceptions to Maximum Lodging Rates

In very rare circumstances, prevailing hotel rates exceed the maximum allowable reimbursement rates, despite reasonable efforts by the traveler to locate alternatively priced accommodations. In these situations, the traveler may request an exception. The Controller will only consider requests submitted by the Travel Office, well in advance of travel.

Exception requests should document the circumstances of the travel and must be accompanied by a Travel Authorization signed by the traveler’s Authorized Approver/Supervisor and the Fund/org Approver for the fund/organization being charged.

Required Process:

  1. Prepare documentation in the form of a single page memo that explains the circumstances and lists the rates and complete name and address (including zip code) for three hotels in the vicinity of the requested lodging.
  2. Attached the hotel data printed from the internet to the exception request documentation memo.
  3. Summarize the three hotels’ rate and location information in the body of the exception request documentation memo.
  4. Submit the approved Travel Authorization and exception requests memo to the Travel Office at least 14 days prior to the trip. Request may be sent by email to travel@gmu.edu.

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