Request Approval for Lodging above Basic Rates

When lodging is expected to cost up to 200% of the established basic rate, the travelers Authorized Approver/Supervisor may approve the request when circumstances and budget warrant. Note: Lodging for business travel prior to April 1, 2017 may only be reimbursed up to 150% of the basic rate

Required Process for Conference Lodging:

  1. Travel Authorization, noting the higher lodging rate, submitted and electronically approved by the traveler’s Authorized Approver/Supervisor and the Fund/org Approver for the fund/organization being charged in advance of the trip.
  2. Justification for the higher cost lodging must be entered into the Justification field under the Lodging information. Lodging above the basic rate must be approved prior to travel in all cases, including those when the traveler is staying at the site of the conference he or she is attending.


The state listing includes a basic rate of $114 per night for Richmond, Virginia. Any hotel cost per night hotel cost exceeding $114 up to $228, must be approved electronically by the Authorized Approver/Supervisor and Fund/org Approver prior to travel. An explanation of the circumstances justifying the lodging exception must be including in the Justification field under Lodging information.

Check the Actual Location of the Hotel:

When traveling to areas where higher than standard rates are applicable, travelers are reminded to carefully check the actual location/address of the selected lodging before confirming the reservation.

The Travel Office is authorized to reimburse travelers for lodging costs based on the actual location of the lodging and not a nearby city.


Travelers to the Boston area will be reimbursed at Boston rates only when the lodging is located in Boston, Cambridge or Suffolk County. Reimbursement for lodging in nearby Brookline, located in Norfolk County, is at the standard lodging rate. In the San Francisco area, the higher lodging rate is in effect for San Francisco and San Francisco County only. Many hotels near the airport, such as the San Francisco Airport Marriott, are actually located in San Mateo County where lodging is reimbursed at the standard rate.

Click here to determine if a zip code is located in a county with higher lodging rates

Travelers should check, request and confirm government rates both at the time reservations are made and during check-in.

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