Use Travel Request System

All Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements (except for team travel) must be processed through Mason’s electronic travel resource, the Travel Request System (TRS). The Travel Request System (TRS) is an online system used to authorize and reimburse individuals (faculty, staff, students, candidates, guest speakers and others) who travel at Mason’s expense. The TRS is a stand-alone application that is independent of Banner. Mileage, per diem rates and lodging maximums are embedded in the system and calculations are performed based on travel dates and location(s) entered. Travel Authorizations and Travel Reimbursement Vouchers will be approved electronically through Banner Workflow. Documentation and receipts will be uploaded and attached to Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements.

When accessing the TRS system from a non-network computer or laptop, users must first initiate and sign in to VPN access. VPN may be required when connected via wireless on-campus locations. For more information on connecting to the Mason VPN click here.

Access to TRS

Mason employees are automatically granted access to the TRS. Users must follow the steps below to establish a profile before entering travel documents. When processing travel documents for non-Mason affiliates, a G number must first be assigned. To create a G number for a new individual, submit a substitute W-9 form to The TRS delegate will then create a user profile for the non-Mason affiliate and process the required travel documents. Employees are encouraged to attend Travel Training. A schedule of courses is available on the Training page.

To establish a profile:

  • Open a Firefox Internet browser. Note: If you are using a computer outside of the Mason network (e.g., a home computer or laptop) you will need to connect to the VPN before accessing the TRS. VPN Access Information
  • Go to
  • Enter Mason Net ID and password, the same used to log-in to email and Patriot Web
  • Enter personal, department and Authorized Approver/Supervisor information
  • Select Submit

Main Menu Options (Enter Travel)

Initiate Authorization – used to create a written cost estimate. An Authorization is required when travel costs are expected to exceed $1,000 OR when lodging is expected to exceed the basic rate for the location. Lodging rates are built into the TRS; however, a spreadsheet is available for Per Diem Rates – 48 Contiguous States and updated yearly.

Initiate Reimbursement – is used to initiate a reimbursement for business travel after the trip is completed.

The following Domestic trips types require ORAL APPROVAL from the Authorized Approver/Supervisor AND Fund/Org Approver prior to trip start date, but do not require a Travel Authorization to be completed in the TRS.

  • Transportation only – when no overnight accommodation or per diem is used AND travel cost is less than $1,000
  • One day trip – when no overnight accommodation or per diem is used AND travel cost is less than $1,000
  • Standard overnight – when overnight travel cost is less than $1,000 AND lodging is at the Basic Rate for the location

The following trip types require a Travel Authorization be submitted and approved ELECTRONICALLY prior to the trip start date. When extended or international trip is selected, all Travel Authorizations for selected trip type will display. The user will select Initiate Reimbursement” next to the completed trip to begin. Once a reimbursement has been initiated, the authorization cannot be edited.

  • Extended Trip – Domestic trip where cost is $1,000 or more AND/OR lodging is above the basic rate.
  • International Trip – Travel to Hawaii, Alaska or locations outside of the contiguous U.S.

View/Edit Trip – used to view or edit an authorization or reimbursement. This will display all trips, regardless of type or status.

View Document Status – allows the user to view the status for each trip that has been submitted for electronic approvals. Users may select the “View Document/History” link next to the trip name to see the complete document history including approvals, pending approvals, returned document comments and notes from the Travel office.

Print Authorization/Reimbursement – select a trip to print the authorization or reimbursement.

Delegate Overview – allows the delegate view only access to travel documents prepared on behalf of others.

Approver Overview – allows the approver view only access to travel documents submitted by others that they have taken action on (approved/returned for corrections).

Edit User Information – Edit personal information or Authorized Approver/Supervisor information.

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is a Mason individual who enters travel document in the TRS on behalf of other Mason or non-Mason travelers. Individual travelers may assign a delegate for themselves. A department delegate is a user who may enter authorizations and reimbursements for all travelers in his/her department. A department may have as many department delegates as they require.

To Become a Department Delegate:

A department delegate may be selected by the department head. The department head must send an email indicating the name(s) of the staff who are to be the department’s delegate(s) to:

A traveler may assign a delegate individually by selecting following the steps below:

  1. Open a browser and enter
  2. Enter your Mason Net ID and password, the same used to log-in to Mason email and Patriot Web
  3. Select Delegate Info at the bottom of the screen
  4. Follow the prompts in the Add Delegate section to select and add one or more delegates
  5. If you would like to add a delegate whose name does not appear in the dropdown, select other and enter his/her G#
  6. Select Save changes at the bottom of the page
Log in as a Delegate:

Delegates will enter the traveler’s email address and select the traveler’s affiliation under the Optional information on the TRS log in page. Then select “Login.” The delegate will enter their Net ID and password to access the traveler’s profile and then enter documents on behalf of the traveler. The delegate should always verify the traveler’s information is correct before establishing a travel document.


Steps to Complete a Travel Authorization

The step-by-step process for completing a Travel Authorization is listed below. The VPN Access Information

  • Go to and login
  • Select Enter Travel
  • Select Initiate Authorization and select continue
  • Select Trip Type (Extended or International) and select continue
  • Enter Trip Information
    • Trip Name = Traveler’s Net ID, Month of Trip, Year, Destination.
    • Select the class of trip and enter the purpose of the trip.
    • Enter Departure Date/Time: Departure time is the time you anticipate leaving your home/office to begin travel.
    • Enter Return Date/Time: Return time is the time you expect to return to your home/office.
    • Indicate any free meals on departure and return days.
    • Enter the fiscal year (FY runs 7/1-6/30)
    • Check the box if you plan to host a business meal.
    • Authorized Approver/Supervisors’ NetID will populate based on the User Profile. Changes may be made to the Authorized Approver/Supervisor field.
    • For international travel, enter emergency contact information as requested.
  • Enter Fund/Org Information –
    • Select Department from the drop-down list;
    • Enter the fund or org to be charged.
    • If charging multiple funds/orgs, indicate either the dollar amount or percentage to be charged to each fund/org.
    • Choose appropriate Fund/org Approver from the drop down menu. Additional Approvers may be added by entering the Approvers NetID in the “Optional Approvers” field and selecting “approves BEFORE or AFTER the Authorized Approver/Supervisor”
  • Enter Primary Transportation. Enter the air carrier when traveling internationally using Federal funds
  • Enter Secondary Transportation. Enter a description when choosing “Other”.
  • Enter Location
  • Use drop-down list; if location is not included in the drop-down choose “other location NOT listed above”, type in city and select state.
  • Enter Lodging – rates will be displayed based on the location. If you are choosing the conference lodging rate you must provide an explanation, e.g. additional lodging costs will be offset by reduced local travel costs. For international locations/rates follow links.
  • If room sharing, enter additional traveler name and identify if individual is a Mason affiliate.
  • Enter Event. Enter meals included, except for travel days.
  • Enter Car Rental if applicable
  • Enter Estimated Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Review information, select Edit Info to edit any section. Edits may be made to the authorization any time prior to initiating the reimbursement.
  • Select “Upload receipts/documentation” to attached documents to travel authorization as needed.
  • Use the comments section to provide clarification or additional information
  • Select “Submit for Approval” from the bottom menu to initiate the Banner Workflow approval process
  • Select “Continue” and then “Yes” to complete submission. Note: Traveler/delegate will receive an email stating that the approval process has begun. Another email will be sent once the document has received all required approvals or if the document is returned for corrections.
  • You may also exit the system and then log back in to make edits.
  • Travel is not authorized until all required electronic approvals have been received.
  • Steps to Complete a Travel Reimbursement

    When preparing a travel reimbursement for a non-Mason affiliate, manual signatures are required. The TRS delegate must email or fax the Travel Reimbursement to the non-Mason individual to sign and return to the department. The step-by-step process for completing a Travel Reimbursement is listed below. The TRS Quick Guide provides the same information and may be printed for convenience.

    Note: Travel Reimbursement requests should be submitted within 60 days of trip completion. Travelers are responsible for presenting legitimate and complete vouchers to the Travel Office. Required receipts must be attached to the voucher to support reimbursement claims. Any Travel Reimbursement requests submitted more than 60 days after trip completion may be reported as income and included on your W-2 as required by IRS guidelines. Traveler/delegate will receive an email stating that the approval process has begun. Another email will be sent once the document has received all required approvals

    Transportation Only, One Day or Standard Overnight Trips

    For trips that did not require a Travel Authorization, select Initiate Reimbursement and then the trip type (transportation only, one day trip, standard overnight).

    1. Enter the required trip information and reimbursable actual expenses. The options will vary based on the trip type. Select Continue at the bottom of each displayed page to move to forward.
    2. Select Upload receipts/documentation on the Summary page to add ALL required receipts. Note file upload requirements before attempting to attach documents. Document Upload Guide
    3. After edits are complete, scroll down and select Submit for Approval to begin the Workflow process.
    4. Select Yes and then Continue. Additional comments may be entered under Preparer Comments
    Extended or International Trip Reimbursement

    Extended Trips (a domestic trip where cost is $1,000 or more AND/OR lodging is above the basic rate) and All International trips (including Hawaii and Alaska) require a Travel Authorization to be completed and approved prior to the trip start date. After the trip is completed, follow the steps below to process a Travel Reimbursement.

    1. Open a Firefox internet browser. Note: If you are using a computer outside of the Mason network (e.g., a home computer or laptop) you will need to connect to the VPN before accessing the TRS. VPN Access Information
    2. Go to and login
    3. Select Enter Travel.
    4. Select View/Edit Trip
      • All trips will be displayed.
      • Note: a warning will appear. “Once you select continue, you may no longer change the authorization.”
      • Locate the trip and then select Initiate Reimbursement next to the trip to begin (note warning above) or Edit Reimbursement to continue an existing reimbursement.
    5. Edit section(s) based on actual travel costs by selecting the blue “Edit” links. Enter new and/or revised information and select continue.
    6. Note: Use the browser’s Back button to return to the reimbursement summary and then select “Submit for Approval”.

    7. Select “Upload receipts/documentation” to attached documents and required receipts to travel reimbursement. If documents were previously added, select “Manage Uploads” to add additional documents. Required receipts/documentation must be uploaded and attached to the travel document in order for traveler to receive reimbursement.
    8. For non-Mason traveler reimbursements, select Email Document, to email a copy of the reimbursement to the non-Mason travelers. All Mason traveler’s will automatically recieve an email once the document is submitted for Approval.
    9. After edits are complete scroll down and select Submit for Approval.

    Approve an Authorization or Reimbursement

    The Approver Quick Guide provides instruction for approvers and may be printed for convenience.

    1. The Authorized Approver/Supervisor and/or fiscal officer must verify that all required receipts have been attached to the reimbursement request before approving the document in Workflow
    2. Once all approvals are received the Travel Office will receive the reimbursement request and view the attached receipts for accuracy and Policy compliance.
    3. Original receipts/documentation should be retained by the traveler until AFTER reimbursement has been received.
    4. If the Travel Office is not able to read/view a receipt or if documentation is missing the traveler/delegate may be asked to submit the original receipt before a reimbursement is generated to the traveler.

    Direct Deposit for Travel Reimbursements

    Mason traveler’s are encouraged to set up an Accounts Payable direct deposit through Patriot Web. Direct deposit streamlines the reimbursement process and funds are automatically deposited into the traveler’s designated bank account.

    Please see complete Instructions for setting up a Direct Deposit.


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